Network marketing is fun to play

rapid development of the Internet so that everyone through the network of social, trading, especially the development of smart phones so that more users can not do without the internet. It is because there are a large number of user groups, a large number of customers on the Internet, so the network marketing has become a necessary channel for enterprises. Guardian yuan Kun found that many companies want to play the Internet, want to do network marketing, network marketing in the end how to play?

mention the Internet we have seen the opportunity, want to try, but talking about network marketing, many companies or the relevant responsible person position: network marketing is fraud, the operation is to brush data.


is this really the case? If the network marketing is false, as operators we fraud to the boss, we do the operation if only brush data, enterprise ultimately is definitely not the data, wants the result: want to know how much of the pre consultation, the number of transformation, how many transactions, late to understand profitability. So what’s the end result? Looking for the next


for enterprise docking or transformation of the Internet, the guardian of Yuan Kun mentioned in the previous article: many business owners or the main person responsible for the unconscious, and no network marketing personnel, can not find the right on behalf of the operating companies, to insist on doing it. This kind of reason leads to our network marketing operation no effect. In addition, we will say that their marketing methods are wrong, our management model is not right, our strategy is wrong, that is, no one said that our products do not work. If the product is good, if the product marketing is not a tiger with wings added; marketing is to accelerate the demise.

we have the needs of network marketing, so a variety of marketing methods, the training classes are out. If the company’s network marketing staff is not professional, then do not know what is useful for themselves, do not know how to do, and finally it is difficult to have good results. But for the enterprise, the network marketing a two failure, we dare to continue to do it, I believe it will not do it, the result is: network marketing is fraud.

why there is no effect, our marketing is good, we also have professional personnel in the operation, there is no problem, guardian Yuan Kun think the most important thing is not their own products. Network marketing allows companies to better attract users, marketing done right, the product is also very good, then you can better deal.

enterprise network marketing needs, and for individuals, we want the Internet to build their own brand, the formation of influence, build from the media, then still playing well, and where is the


or product problems, not out of marketing.

before the webmaster or, now from the media or, we can very good drainage, good marketing, but is not good. The reason is that their products do not work. A friend said that since the media people do not have ah. Guardian Yuan Kun that since the media is the product, >