7 trends of mobile marketing from user behavior


how to understand the mobile Internet?

for the future, the mobile Internet is a mobile economy. Data show that by 2013 the number of mobile devices connected to about 6 billion 800 million, many people usually have more than 2 Mobile devices. 2013 global mobile advertising growth of about 79%. The current mobile economy, including telecom operators, mobile Internet related industries, which accounted for 2.3% of global GDP. According to Ericsson’s forecast, 2012 – 2018, the entire mobile data traffic will increase by about 12 times.

in China, the number of mobile Internet users has more than PC

here are a few points need to focus on:

1, more and more infiltration to the bottom. At present, the proportion of smart phones in terms of Android, 3, 4 lines of urban and rural users the proportion of up to 45%, this proportion is beyond our imagination.

2, active users, rural users and migrant workers accounted for 3. More and more advanced equipment, in the past more use of computers, now has a number of terminals. 1000 below the intelligent machine market is very large.

3, the application of the most used, such as the tool class, such as social class, such as WeChat, mobile QQ, as well as games, video, browser.

4, from the data point of view, the use of per capita length of 150 minutes per person a day to see the phone for the second time, high-end users per capita per day to see 153 times, on average every 6 minutes to see a cell phone.

in the three or four tier cities, fragmentation is a pseudo proposition

especially in the 4 and 5 line cities, mobile Internet time is not fragmented time. We take two cities in Beijing and Baoji as an example at about 6 in the evening. Beijing: blocking the road, blocking the subway, work. Baoji: friends, family dinner, shopping. In the 3 and 4 line cities, the mobile Internet is the whole time, and they have been accustomed to using mobile phones to communicate. At the same time, we found a new business form: Taobao. The more the 4, the 5 cities, the more we do not believe in strangers. When they need online shopping, because the other side of the computer is too far away, too strange, so they are willing to go to the local online shopping to help people buy things. For the 3, 4, 5 line city users, Taobao is a media for them, they look at the line of the 1, the 2 line of what is not necessarily a single, but she will look at the product.

mobile economy era, a new interface with the user interface

in the global mobile market, 67% of revenue comes from the application, from advertising to 33%. But in China, it is difficult to use the payment. The entire mobile market has just started, many users still have not been met, the future of all the economy through a more convenient interface to communicate with consumers. Segmentation for mobile populations