Why the D round and will become an entrepreneurial opportunity for merger

introduction: before B round, usually all of the play, the space is big enough. C round began from the user experience and product such as arguing with each other, to the D round, began to take the money that.


D round, word and the beginning of awkward with words again, is in the same field the two fastest, entrepreneurial companies fighting the most ruthless, each other can reach or exceed the fourth round of financing, the most easy to hate to love merged.

as a posteriori conclusion, there is a large pile of cases can be corroborated, now is the U.S. group and public comment. The group was founded 5 years a total of 4 rounds of financing, the total financing of $1 billion 70 million, the public comment for 10 years in the 6 round of financing, the total financing of $1 billion 415 million; 58 city and Ganji merged, the former has been listed, the 5 round of financial capital, close to $400 million; the merger drops fast, drops by 4 round of investment, the total amount released over $800 million, quickly announced the amount of financing and similar drops. There are a number of small transactions, causing little attention, but also in line with the law.

this has once again proven gold rules in the war times: An army marches on its stomach. Entrepreneurship is not only money, but no money can not do, the more to the late, no money is absolutely no good. If this battlefield needs too much food, such as O2O, add a: the world is yours, is BAT, but after all is BAT – no one home surplus more than they.

financing to the D round, usually to prepare IPO. Users, products, business, personnel, technology and other aspects to do more than the addition, the main players are in the expansion, the intersection of more and more. Can you put the ten opponents with the most tight opponents, look at the key to jump, and every action needs to spend money pad. Who is the first step of IPO, who first entered the safe harbor temporarily, this lesson, from Youku and potatoes, there are nearly 58 city and go to the market, is bloody.

if you compare the public relations battle between start-up companies, it is not difficult to find, before the B round, usually play each of the space is large enough. C round began from the user experience and product such as arguing with each other, to the D round, began to take the money that. You said my capital chain tension, I say you finance fraud, hair poaching, nothing, knife in seven inch. In August this year, Wang Xing rare freak in the circle of friends: my attitude has always been "nothing not to stir up trouble, not afraid of things". He refers to the thing is that there have been a lot of rumors about the failure of the U.S. group financing.

to the D round of financing, the two companies tend to have some overlap in terms of capital. For example, the Tiger Fund is 58 and the market common investors, Sequoia Capital is cast with the U.S. group and public comment for investors. The strength of the investors will not only buy good players in the track, may also buy half track. There is no coincidence between the fast and the investor level, because the track is too new, but the two parties are the main gold merger