Five competitive features of social networking sites

should be invited to participate in the Tsinghua University, Wang Yunming, President of the Internet Society of Tsinghua University, the first Internet culture week, China’s community website development forum". Other guests included the school vice president, Qianxiang network responsible person Xu Zhaojun, ant net CEO wheat, Myspace Chinese CTO Tan Xiaosheng, sharawadgi network CEO, chief scientist, former chief Li Zhuohuan mizuki.

I usually do a lot of preparation in front of the keynote speech, not to mention the PPT and so on. With memory, probably sort out the contents of my speech, mainly to say that after entering in 2008, several social networking sites competitive situation:

1, 2008 will be a strong rebound in the real SNS.

development of the Internet in the early BBS, in fact, has been the prototype of social networking sites, China’s social networking sites in the real sense about 02 years to start in the past 03 years, but these years has been at a low stage. Social networking sites in the United States reached a peak in 2007, a landmark event has Twitter hot, Microsoft shares FaceBook. China’s social networking sites in 2008 also began a strong rebound in the true sense of the year SNS.

‘s huge investment in Thousand Oaks is a landmark event, before the post "domestic SNS still need two or three to 1000 oak" Softbank, I also expressed similar views, also hope to have more Softbank Thousand Oaks appear. In 2008, I believe that there are signs of events.

2, scale effect.

social network is likely to become the telephone, Email, IM after another major communication tool. Currently mature social networking sites already have a certain user size effect. As friends introduce each other, the number of users increases exponentially. After reaching the scale effect, it seems that everything can be done.

, for example, those investors will put a lot of money into the schools such as Facebook, Myspace, etc. some of the considerable strength of the site, but the small website will become more and more valued, was eventually merged or closed. The near future, several giant hegemony arena has been flickering.

3, segments.

makes the campus network founder Wang unexpected and very depressing thing is to build the network at home he deliberately plan turned out to be a IT social networking site, at the Yu Hai intranet are almost inside the industry. This is Wang Xing’s misfortune, but it is the lucky IT. At the same time, this is also a direction for the development of social networks, the depth of the development of segments. Perhaps the more segments, the more let users find their own needs. Soon, there will be a lot of segments. Last week, the last working day, TechWeb also launched a similar function.

4, open an excuse after the small program.

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