nterview with Liu Qiangdong Jingdong new practice platform brewing force

technology Tencent Lei Jianping Michael reported in April 8th

deliberately low-key make him temporarily hidden past the edge, but he China in e-commerce market, all the people are unable to ignore the controversial figure of every act and every move.

the past few years, Liu Qiangdong (micro-blog) is a China e-commerce frenzy is the most representative wilderness lawrence. For nine consecutive years, an average annual growth rate of more than $200%, as well as up to $one billion of financing, so he founded the Jingdong quickly became one of the most formidable rivals in the industry and the industry.

Liu’s success is partly attributed to the tough style of doing things. He graduated from the university but by selling accessories made in Zhongguancun "madman" hate formalism and sloppy reporting, not love under the PPT document but do long-drawn and tedious documents, ask to hear as concisely as possible direct discussion, and then make quick decisions. However, Liu often outspoken and outsiders almost "arrogant" self-confidence but also for its labeled militant distinctive label, especially last year with the electricity supplier giant Alibaba, offline retail giant Suning tough price war battle, the station is controversial in the teeth of the storm.

The ups and downs of

China Internet just a dozen years, each wave trend in the forefront of many such heroes and adventurers, but also quickly fell from the capital and there is also a wonderful story of the mad pursuit of illusion in the case. But at least for now, from Jingdong increasingly solid basic disk, a second tier cities loyal user base and an orderly rhythm, it is difficult to find out that Liu Qiangdong will make a big mistake.

is a real concern, the industry pattern of Jingdong facing farewell wilderness period has become more complex. On the one hand, the rapid expansion of the Jingdong in the past big company disease looming, a number of more than 30 thousand people every year, new employees more than older employees young, slightly cautious may be wrong; on the other hand, the electricity supplier industry from the barbaric growth of the wilderness in between a few giants into the platform competition, Alibaba, Tencent the electricity supplier, Suning Electric, which one is the strength of the Jingdong will inevitably fall into more dangerous in melee, it can further expand border in shopping, it seems more and more depends on the Liu Qiangdong half low-key "closed" thinking.

four or five big platform to stay will be more and more painful, because the competition will become increasingly fierce." At the beginning of April, Liu Qiangdong told the Tencent technology interview does not hide his sense of crisis. In his opinion, the difference between the so-called platform competition does not exist, prices and services will continue to be the decisive factor of the final, "the Jingdong must have a sense of urgency, poor user experience a little bit last may die."

in the foreseeable future, Liu Qiangdong still insisted on the success of the Jingdong "inverted triangle" strategy, namely in the team, and cost efficiency on the support, to provide more competitive products, price and service. But at the same time, with the size of Jingdong sales close to 100 billion, the electricity supplier companies need