Jingdong purchase breakthrough enterprise purchase mobile solutions

October 18th, Jingdong mobile shopping solutions conference held in Beijing Hotel Eclat grand. Beijing City Federation vice president Zheng Yongnan, Beijing City, Daxing District Federation Chairman Yuan Shulin, vice president of Jingdong, Jingdong Taikehubu mall general manager Song Chunzheng, purchasing Chinese President Yun Songyu, as well as hundreds of business representatives attended the conference. Jingdong enterprise purchase conform to industry trends, in the pursuit of the ultimate driving efficiency of procurement, launched mobile solutions, to complete the enterprise procurement from the PC to the mobile terminal of the new upgrade, describe the future development direction for the purchase of mobile and scene.


cost and efficiency drive procurement mobility change

Jingdong purchased from birth, has in-depth understanding of procurement needs of enterprise customers, will mature business technology to the enterprise customers, continue to study the enterprise purchase pain point, promote the industry change. Based on the ultimate pursuit of the efficiency of the cost of the purchase of the Jingdong itself will be defined as the procurement of integrated solutions provider, which led to future procurement changes. In order to achieve high efficiency and low cost of the pursuit, Jingdong and enterprise purchase break through technical barriers, for different types of customers, launched Chi Hui, cloud, wing four procurement platform, and launched the enterprise procurement information alliance.

The change of

with the development of mobile Internet technology, mobile office has become a trend, a deep understanding of the enterprise based on the customer’s purchase of Jingdong enterprise breakthrough technology blank mobile terminal, at the press conference, the grand launch of the purchase of mobile Jingdong enterprise solutions. The Jingdong purchased enterprise mobile solutions, integrated procurement management center, procurement of raw data, the exclusive commodity pool, purchasing financial services in the mobile terminal, can be connected with diversified procurement scenarios, effectively resolve the purchasing issues, and to achieve big data push. At the same time, the Jingdong behind the enterprise to purchase mobile solutions with the whole process of the mobile terminal procurement service Jingdong provide for business users as support, make enterprise users using mobile terminal breakthrough time and space constraints, improve the efficiency of purchasing the ultimate experience.

The purchase of mobile

Jingdong enterprise solution was not only the purchase form simply ported to the mobile terminal, but to optimize the online purchasing process, take orders directly to the right to demand the hands of procurement needs of the staff direct orders in the mobile terminal, and then by the procurement department approval, driving the entire enterprise procurement chain procurement needs of each a staff of the operation, highlighting the role of people, greatly save the purchasing time and labor costs, improve procurement efficiency. As Song Chunzheng said: Jingdong companies through mobile solutions to allow every employee to become a corporate procurement executive, so that everyone becomes a buyer. "


to the enterprise as the core procurement scenarios continue to breakdown

this conference is not only technically fill the gaps in the procurement of mobile terminal, but also to make the purchase of products to the full scene