Tmall 2018 annual orders to renew the evaluation criteria and FAQ

Abstract: to Tmall investment when renewed once a year assessment, so all kinds of objective assessment criteria will change what new content and details of




went to the Tmall investment assessment once a year to renew the

so there will be a variety of standards for the purpose of the assessment of it?



rules on September 24, 2016 notice of publicity, will be effective in October 1, 2016

In 1,

in Tmall 2018 annual renewal of the business, the need to comply with the "renewal evaluation standard", "brand franchise stores licensed link" and "Tmall 2018 annual renewal business qualification standards list" (published in October 2017 is expected) requirements, assessment period is from October 1, 2016 to September 30, 2017, if does not conform to any of these items. Tmall will no longer be with you next year to renew the contract. The contract began in July 1, 2016 and after the business without taking part in the store ratings, sales and special category standard assessment.

2, involving cross category operating businesses, the assessment shall be conducted according to the store’s main categories corresponding to the standard.

3, franchise stores operated by the brand, does not comply with the franchise chain brand licensing requirements, from January 1, 2018 will cancel the corresponding brand licensing.

4, "renew the assessment criteria in store sales refers to the validity of the agreement, all businesses to trade for" the total order amount transaction "(excluding false trading orders and other illegal orders). Without the freight amount, also does not contain a failed transaction amount due rights, customer service and other reasons and a category name as "other transaction amount" under the.

5, authorized link series Description:

is the first level authorized by the trademark holder, which means the trademark owner authorizes the merchant to sell its brand.

with the trademark holder two complete source licensing, refers to the trademark owner authorizes a company sells its branded goods, the company authorized sales of the brand goods, businesses need to provide trademark authorization to a company and a company to give authorization to businesses. The trademark holder and so on to the source of the two / three / four level complete authorization.


trademark authorized A company sells its branded goods (as a license), A company B company authorized sales of the brand (as grade two, authorized) authorized B business sales of the brand goods (as three authorized).


the standard within the scope of the law to be adjusted, Tmall will advance publicity and notify the business.


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