Tmall 80% merchants anxious to find the Butler electricity supplier service providers huge market

in the irreversible online shopping tide, JACK&JONES, Adidas, ESPRIT, L’OREAL, DELL and a large number of international and domestic well-known brands settled in Tmall, the traditional brand of network marketing is the mainstream. The lack of experience in the operation of the store is the traditional brand vendors pain points". Currently on Tmall based on this pain point grew up electricity supplier service providers who are forming a huge volume of emerging professional market. Among them, the 2011 sales have reached one billion orders of magnitude.

who are they? When you are in Tmall ( Levis, PHILPS, NOKIA and other official flagship store shopping, providing advisory services and processing orders were not the employee of the company for you, but some "steward" of the company’s people. These "steward" of the company is called electric service providers, they can provide "shock" businesses from the shop decoration, product photography, marketing, customer orders, the daily operation of the shop, and even the distribution channel to the warehouse logistics system, data analysis and a series of generation service.

traditional enterprise and the domestic and foreign brands is their main customers, this is the electronic commerce important a large army. The generation of operating companies to help these brands when shuaishouzhanggui can even. Some people regard this vivid metaphor into water "story to send electronic business in the tide", but there are also people who viewed it as a tool to reduce channel conflict, even some people think this is a natural transformation after the brand bigger capital driven electricity supplier operating ideas. Anyway, the role of operators in the e-commerce ecosystem has been ignored, to help enterprises from simple "online sellers" stage to "brand building" stage.

80% Tmall merchants seek outsourcing

is the most popular

shop customer service training

B2C platform in a recent survey shows that only Tmall platform to provide outsourcing services for the number of service providers have reached hundreds. One of the best such as Shanghai LUNYUAN electricity supplier service providers in Tmall generation operation shop up to 64, last year’s sales of about 1 billion 500 million yuan, more than 1 store electricity supplier rookie half of sales over the same period. Involving a variety of industries, such as clothing, household appliances, cosmetics, maternal and child, automobile, etc..

however, the electricity supplier service providers every year hundreds of business expansion speed, still can not meet the huge market demand. Tmall survey shows that 86.5% of Tmall sellers have the idea to outsource some or all of their own business, and the more traditional industries and brand industry for the greater demand for the third party service providers. Zhang Yong, President of Tmall, said: this demand is particularly prominent in the brand of the business, the brand tends to professional things to find professional people to do."

in fact, for many foreign brands and traditional enterprise is more cannot do without the service provider, Shanghai LUNYUAN general manager Chou Wenbin said: "for brands and traditional businesses, an end to end e-commerce operators in both long-term and short-term."