The eight consciousness of successful nternet webmaster

talk about the Internet should have the consciousness of the webmaster, first explain what is consciousness. Consciousness is the function of human brain, is a kind of spiritual activity. The meaning of self. Knowledge, cognition and cognition. So, for the Internet what should be the owners of consciousness? I think the Internet should have the following awareness.

first, legal awareness

website is the carrier of information. The information contained on the website should be in accordance with the rules of ethics and law.

two, security awareness

every website is an integral part of the Internet, as the site administrator and the owner of the Internet webmaster, in addition to the constraint does not violate the rights of others themselves, should also have the conflict prevention and safety awareness of external intrusion.

three, learning awareness

any knowledge system, if not immediately updated, it will fall behind. The development of the Internet is changing with each passing day, as the Internet webmaster only have the sense of learning, to keep up with the development of the times, not out of.

four, service consciousness

to create a website on the Internet, there will be Internet users visit. Internet owners have a sense of service, is to improve the site traffic, increase the site back customer basis.

five, competitive awareness

the development of the Internet is fast, every time there will be a site disappear and the birth of a new website. Web sites and web pages of the same or similar theme are also calculated as "massive data". How to make your own web site or web page, in many of the same or similar sites or web stand out, accept Internet users visit, you need to have a sense of competition.

six, SEO awareness

now, there are few Internet webmasters do not know seo. Three or four years ago, the SEO industry is very noisy, the Internet has emerged a lot of SEO blog. After the hustle and bustle of the stage of development, SEO has entered a stage of development and stability, the SEO technology has been recognized at present, SEO has become the most website standard.

personal practice and experience of Shanxi SEO experience, let me realize that SEO not only can make a website with the search engine to improve website ranking, but also can improve the user experience of the site, make the site easier to use.

seven, innovation consciousness

innovation is an enduring topic, we can see the importance of innovation has been widely recognized. Internet webmaster should pay attention to cultivate their innovative consciousness.

eight, team awareness

song "people paddle ship" sang: "a penny", difficult to cross the ocean sea. People paddle yo, start sailing." Thus, the strength of the team is huge. I’m in "seo>