Street network founder Wang Xiujuan Chinese version of Linkedn dream


Beijing in September, with bursts of autumn, by Tsinghua Tongfang Technology Plaza Tower D 5 floor of the glass, the green that there is still strong.

Wang Xiujuan’s face was full of excitement. She has just returned from Hongkong, brought back the red herring Award for the top 2013 Asian Science and technology enterprises.

like this trip, almost became a microcosm of Wang Xiujuan this year, to participate in a variety of science and technology industry conference, a speech everywhere, tell people what she is doing.

2013 Wang Xiujuan, hitherto unknown high-profile, she founded the street network is heading Chinese version of LinkedIn’s dream and the dream into the acceleration, perhaps from her real sense when entering the workplace has been rudiment.

social DNA

The starting point of

finance background Wang Xiujuan occupation career chose their own field, a foreign securities company became the first station of life.

1999, working in the securities company has two years of Wang Xiujuan was tired, the business progress frequently encountered setbacks, it is difficult to adapt to the company culture.

that year, she was 22 years old, a little disappointed, no Gang Chudao vision; a little confused, where is my future? What should I do? Where are juvenile feelings, can’t see the bright prospect, the sword four Gu heart dazed, like marriage in the seven year itch Wang Xiujuan, occupation development suffered a "three year itch".

, an accidental opportunity, Wang Xiujuan dived into two areas: Internet, social networking, and she was on the road all the way forward, "the street network is likely to be the end point of the road," Wang Xiujuan smiled, looking grim, steady gaze.

"I remember in BYD, see the ChinaRen manager, then went to the" 36 year old Wang Xiujuan, leaning on the sofa, affectionate eyes looked out of the window, is his 22 year old shadow.

Wang Xiujuan recalls, at the South Gate of Tsinghua University can be said to a dilapidated cottage, Wang Xiujuan met the three founders of Chen Yizhou, ChinaRen, Zhou Yunfan Yang Ning, met the three founders of the impression, Wang Xiujuan used "," young talents in high and vigorous spirits "," new era "such a few words.

side is the sea, while the flame. Look around the side of the shabby office, facing the Internet people in high and vigorous spirits like love, like Wang Xiujuan, to love the "strange", Hou door into a deep sea, looking back, Wang Xiujuan is the second wave of the Internet to join the "old man", this last year.

indeed, in 1999, when China started the development of the Internet, Chen Yizhou, Zhou Yunfan, from overseas with the latest technology and ideas to create the ChinaRen