WeChat third party service providers micro purchase easy to get $30 million investment


] September 28th news billion state power network, billion state power network that domestic WeChat third party service providers to develop micro goodit "has received A round of 30 million yuan investment, investment for the capital club.


it is understood that the micro goodit is one of the WeChat public cloud services platform SaaS, Alipay and Baidu windows service enterprise based on the line in 2013, WeChat, the number of public service started, provide marketing platform for mobile business, and WeChat distribution system. At present, the service companies including Lenovo Group and natural group, seven wolves, Overlord, cishengtang, Ann Kang, a pearl in the palm, Yingjian and other brands.

micro goodit founder Zheng Zequn said, the next micro goodit will continue to increase in product innovation, technology development, consulting services, mobile advertising and other aspects of the investment, at the same time, will also launch personal micro purchase easy level mobile phone shop platform.

data show that the horse racing capital, focusing on "Internet plus" investment, mainly including TMT, O2O, mobile Internet, smart hardware, intelligent Home Furnishing, big data, cloud computing and other fields.