Dozens of A companies gobbled up by giants how are they now

, according to foreign media reports, large technology companies are competing to smart phones and other networked devices to help them think like humans think software intelligence technology.

this effort is considered to be a major progress in the field of computing, can let users in natural dialogue way to interact with machines, inform the equipment to handle a wide variety of tasks, such as ordering goods, check traffic, restaurant reservation or search for information.


artificial intelligence (AI) component of these projects is designed to create a virtual assistant for everyone, virtual assistants to the user’s understanding will increase with the increase in the world.

according to the latest report from market research firm CB Insights, in AI to create the best solutions in the competition, Google, apple and other technology giants in the past five years the United States quietly gobbled up dozens of artificial Intelligent Company.

CB Insights pointed out that since 2011, there are 140 companies engaged in advanced AI technology was acquired, of which there are 40 mergers and acquisitions occurred in this year. The agency said that Google is particularly eye-catching, it has a low-key acquisition of 11 AI.

, another market research firm, estimates that the AI market is relatively hot, and by 2025 it will grow from $643 million 700 thousand to $38 billion 800 million this year, according to Tractica, another market research firm.

below is the progress of several major technology companies in the field:


Google in the field to enter the field of AI, the Internet giant’s CEO said AI’s influence on the promotion of change as little as smart phones.

Google Assistant software is integrated into the new Pixel mobile phone, follow apple Siri, allowing users to organize and use the equipment and cloud information, check email, calendar items or the latest global information, or to ask the traffic information and weather data.

Google also through the smart phone for Allo communications applications and independent home appliances Google Home provides AI. Google Home is similar to Amazon’s Echo, able to respond to voice commands, in accordance with the instructions of the user to perform various tasks, as well as to provide users with the information required.


Siri Labs, founder of Apple’s founder, founder of Viv, the South Korean electronics giant seeks to accelerate its AI project.

Samsung said the acquisition announced this month, is part of its AI based voice assistant services to all types of Samsung devices and products from smart phones, televisions and washing machines.

Samsung is the world’s leading Android Smartphone