Jerry Mont personal blog details marketing

yesterday told you some details of what is marketing, and a rough explanation of how the details of marketing, we can look at the "Jerry Mont China independence: This article details the personal blog marketing". Today I want to tell you is how to visitors from the point of view, the more detail marketing strategy about.

Why should

visitors to your blog? Sure is to get what they want, they can be of useful knowledge, can make them happy to gossip, or look at the beautiful guy meet the beauty of each individual bloggers should pay attention to those at his blog is to they provide these.

not others to build a blog, and then a few months to write one or two words, published one or two exclamation: long time not to come here again today. Of course, if you just pure enjoyment but I believe that no ground for blame, see this article is to promote your own blog, let more people understand their own. So your blog has a few points worth noting:

1 update frequency should be appropriate. Don’t ask you one day to write many articles, do not insist you have to write every day, but at least a week to see your blog change, don’t come and visit every day are the same thing, even the most iron fans, let him see a month the same things, he will be sick.

2 do what you do best. Yesterday speak to other blogs to visit back to some of their expertise in the field of review of his blog is the same, for example, I have expertise on this field of network marketing, then I do Chinese independence promotion, there will be a lot of people come to see my article, many people came to the group with me about the marketing method, imagine, if the piece of "bad", how to discuss.

3 to have new ideas, new ideas. Do not go to painless moan, regardless of what you say is right and wrong, to come up with their own views. This is the minimum respect for visitors, do not be afraid of their own ideas may be untenable. The historical theory is from untenable to the last foothold firmly, the Internet is highly developed today, if your blog can become a new theory of the origin, the influence of your blog on the Internet will not let anyone underestimated.

4 pay attention to the decoration of the blog page. No matter what kind of blog program you use, or write it yourself, please show the most elegant side to your visitors. As others go shopping, two stores, a store is very warm, a very bad, where would you go home? Provide a comfortable reading environment will help them to love you more for the visitor’s blog.

5, visit others and guide others to comment on your articles. To tell the truth, this is not a very good support for China, although there is a good day to visit, but no one is willing to take the time to comment. I summed up the reasons for two reasons: first, in order to prevent spam, I set up a reply after landing, >