WeChat’s 5 strong marketing

WeChat, the 2012 media of the new media for the use of the Internet, especially mobile internet friends, not unfamiliar, and very familiar with. WeChat today’s popularity is not less than the year micro-blog, not only is the general public like to use WeChat to communicate, most of the use of Internet marketing companies, but also began to enter the road WeChat marketing. The road in the end is the width is narrow, is good to go, and how to go? Today we’ll discuss five powerful of WeChat


WeChat tough one: powerful chat tool

Why does

define a powerful chat tool for WeChat, because it has a lot of functions such as picture, video, audio, text, expression and group chat. For example, WeChat can text chat, voice chat, video chat, the most important thing is that he is a platform for smart phones, mobile Internet media. In retrospect, we used today in the hands of the mobile phone, it is not a smart machine, it is not Android or IOS system? Which laid the foundation for the rise of WeChat, at least he do the first polymerization of these functions, and easy to use, not what advertising, also free of charge, unlike some services like QQ, you well, you want to use, washed red yellow diamond member.

WeChat tough two: enterprise brand marketing

open WeChat to find a public account, we can see a lot of business WeChat. Why? The audience, the audience why? As we all know, WeChat and QQ belong to the imperial Tencent’s products, QQ has maintained a huge user base, has laid the foundation for WeChat "exposure". Perhaps a lot of people think that the corporate public account is not equivalent to the enterprise QQ it is somewhat similar, but very different. Enterprise QQ marketing function is limited, the most important thing is that it is more than the ordinary QQ to accommodate the number of friends, slightly stronger function. But WeChat is different, it can help enterprises to achieve a lot of self-service marketing, the most important thing is that the platform is free to use.

WeChat tough three: about gun tool

believes that many friends have used WeChat’s 2 major features, shake and shake the people nearby. Why is it so hard to shake? Because he doesn’t have other tools. He needs to learn how to use it. It can be said that a shake is a human instinct, no need to learn to use its skills, is very simple, a flash in the pan, ha ha… Beauty appeared. People nearby are also popular because of their simplicity. We all know that QQ search function, to find what the local people, you can choose the area search, for example, my data show that I am in Nanjing, but I can’t be in Nanjing, and near the WeChat people can immediately show you much, how many people, and gender age, etc..

WeChat tough four: two-dimensional code

before we only know when to buy things, there will be a two-dimensional code on the packaging of goods, then most of them are not