Soft group in a short period of time to create more high-quality articles

network marketing is the most critical flow, flow is money. There are many ways to get traffic, including free and charge. Free of charge, such as soft marketing category, such as the key word of the advertising category, today is to say that the soft marketing category of soft group".

so-called soft Wen group is from a soft Wen to spread more than soft Wen, this method can not only create more articles, but also save time.

commonly used in several ways:

1 theme from the secondary

as you write about the network to make money, you can plan to write 1-2 article introduces what is the network to make money, and then write 3-4 article introduces the network to make money with those types, then write more than 10 articles in the network to make money, of course, you can also keep digging and spread more articles in the class.

2 article style

You can use the

in the first person narrative style, you can also use the comment style, of course, you can also use a question and answer (Q& A) style, but need to pay attention to is a "soft wenqun" it is best to use a style, if you can handle multiple style switch can the.

3 article split

don’t write too long, generally have a 500 words or so, too long will affect the visitor’s interest in reading, if you introduce something but need a lot of words, then I suggest you take the split, put an article to rewrite the two articles.

4 customers often ask questions

some of the topics related to the collection of common problems, and then be summarized, for the hot issue of a problem of an article creation.

use soft group advantage:

one is able to create more than two articles, articles can be published to different places, more original will attract more traffic, and thus get more returns.

Tuixy: when I write this article, for a theme using Google to search, the row in the 1-2 pages are probably browsing, because a lot of the theme of the article is being written, so I will first understand what they write, and then analyzed to see whether some of the contents of others pay no attention to this topic, if many people wrote, that is not afraid, we can carry out two processing.