Big data era of the nternet really come Or has it been

(/Heven) in the past few days, WeChat sees many articles on the Internet big data, also said to have large data as cloud computing and the Internet of things IT industry is another major technological revolution, Heven think, big data era of the Internet really came? Or have been? In fact, the use of data analysis technology has already started, such as, Jingdong and other shopping sites watching our shopping habits, Baidu, Google and other search engines to monitor our web browsing, Sina, micro-blog, Tencent, micro-blog seems very familiar with our friends, there is a QQ and QQ space always recommend that deja vu friend to us, but we can feel Heven there is not a small distance really big data era, but has been in. Why do you say that?

, a hardware condition is not full: the first is the speed problem, data processing must be based in China, high-speed network, network congestion is a common phenomenon, now have to solve the processing of large data is very difficult to achieve, is almost impossible.

followed by the processing of information equipment is too small: according to statistics, the amount of information generated on the Internet about 800EB a day, if installed in the DVD disk to install 168 million, loaded in the hard disk to install the 800 thousand. But very few of these data processing equipment such as Internet Co, Baidu in Beijing, Shanxi and Inner Mongolia three data processor has just over one hundred thousand units, with 700 thousand CPU and 4000 servers; Tencent data platform equipment 8400, single cluster 5600 units, the total storage 100PB+; new data 200TB+, the growth rate of 10% month data JOB, the average daily number of 1 million, the average daily amount of calculation of 5PB, but the Tencent data record is more than 375 trillion. Now the equipment is very difficult to deal with the Internet entirely accurate data, and big data era is now able to fully handle data and can realize the precise positioning of the trend of Internet users, so it is too early to enter the era of big data.

two, professional talent too little: Heven believes that big data related to lack of talent will become an important factor affecting the development of the market of big data, it is undeniable that the big data talent shortage, whether national or major Internet Co are on the increase in mining, for large data processing personnel as of May 19, 2014. Analysis of Master Training collaborative innovation platform in Renmin University of China started big data jointly set up by the five universities of Renmin University of China, Peking University, University of Central University of Finance and Economics, Capital University of Economics and Business, Academy of Sciences China; Ali group announced that in July 10, 2012, the establishment of chief data officer post (CDO), responsible for promoting "data sharing platform" strategy. So, that big data talent scarce, also shows that the cultivation of professional talents of big data processing type imminent.

three, data isolation, fight the enemy separately: the current situation of the domestic Internet giant fight the enemy separately is BAT three, Baidu connect people and information, exclusive entrance information; O >