nsurance companies from the nternet to see the risk of marketing errors

mooncake insurance, haze insurance, insurance, World Cup football baby bear risk, prevent the small risk insurance, Hot pot burn…… China’s Internet insurance products are omnipotent. Insurance companies marketing is full of tricks, in Bo eye at the same time, the traffic insurance firms to make the official website of the surge. China Network believes that the emergence of new types of insurance, although rich in the types of insurance products, but more in the entertainment consumption, real landing almost no insurance.

China Insurance Regulatory Commission recently issued a document of "thinking" development and regulation of Internet insurance clearly pointed out that the Internet insurance information disclosure is not sufficient, the product development is not standardized, information security deposit risk, business risk, innovative anti fraud ability needs to be improved, customer service ability needs to be improved and other six potential risks.

in addition to the risk of Internet insurance products, insurance firms and some small means".

1, deliberately promote product revenue. Part of the insurance products with the financial nature, can bring certain benefits to the insured. Insurance companies insured by the pursuit of profit maximization of the psychological, deliberately in foreign propaganda on "high return" and "base" and "steady income" and other words, while the product risk is to conceal the truth, keep from talking about, there is suspicion of fraud.

2, product introduction arcane. Insurance products in return and claims are often derail, mainly due to the introduction of insurance companies in the product description is too vague, in the jargon deliberately simple terms become jerky and difficult, the insured do not fully understand their own rights and interests tend to be passive to sign the treaty, to appear in the final part of the passing claims.

3, disguised access to user information. The era of big data, access to more comprehensive user information on the importance of self-evident. Some people may have such experience, their cell phones or WeChat will often receive XX insurance companies to provide you with free insurance products. Users access to value-added services at the same time, personal information will also enter the merchant’s database, and these personal information will become the best marketing resources.

4, no longer allowed to kill. Since March 1, 2009, the CIRC requires insurance companies to operate will stop hand kill short-term accident insurance. Is mainly used for hand to kill short-term accident insurance, although insurance, low premium, convenient security purpose, but not because of the real name system, many policies are not timely record insured information. Once the policy is damaged or lost, the insurance company is difficult to identify insurance leads to wrong compensate leakage, pay and even exclusions and other cases, the insured is difficult to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests. You murdered, belongs to the voluntary, often at the same time the sale of goods is artificially tying. Now, although the hand murdered was banned for more than 4 years, but it can still find its trace. In the application of network to remind users, if it is found that the hand can refuse to buy insurance tying.