How to do the terminal marketing activities for the queen how to make terminal sales volume

mobile marketing to do the terminal for the queen how to make terminal sales volume?

after a series of marketing activities, do the terminal for the queen, if they can effectively use these ready concrete implementation way to promote the terminal sales amount of the problem I think is kind of medical video merchants friends concern.

below the retail store on the amount of work skills and management model.

1, focusing on the following five indicators, these indicators can not be reached, there is no sales

· distribution rate index. The general distribution rate should reach more than 70%.

· display requirements compliance rate: for example, the end of the retail counter product standard display surface for the 4 terminal.

· point of sale promotional rate: the company provides a number of terminal promotional POP portfolio reached the standard retail store.

· terminal customer relationship index: the customer relationship can be quantified, the author in a series of quantitative indicators, practice is very useful.

· target terminal sales compliance rate: according to different products and sales period of A, B, C terminal monthly sales level. Evaluation of OTC on behalf of the jurisdiction of the retail sales in the region. The quantitative assessment is soft le in many companies, enterprises are often equipped with many terminal personnel, but they are in working condition, work is valid, if there is no final sales (or net sales) assessment, may eventually become a mere formality.

2, to ensure that the workload, to ensure that your staff is not sleeping or lazy.

(1), workload: each person is responsible for 80-100 retail stores.

(2), visit at least 15 retail stores every day.

(3), visit at least 4 days per week.

(4), according to the sales performance of different retail stores to visit different frequency.

remember to monitor regularly or irregularly.

visit, to find the right person to do the right thing

· if your main task now is to do more publicity and distribution of POP and SEO strategy, occupy a favorable terrain, the cabinet leader and manager is your contacts.

· if you want to display the product a little better, the cabinet leader and clerk is you must focus on communication.

· if you want to negotiate with the retail store light boxes, windows or other locations in the store advertising, store managers are key decision-makers.

· if you want to increase the sales volume of retail stores and understand the sales of competitive brands, the clerk is the person who can help you, the head of the group and the licensed pharmacist