Month: February 2017

Taobao will be strictly prohibited, no code or pave the way for rookie


] Taobao news billion state power are plotting a commodity bar code data in the battle, but for the brands, are willing to hand over, depends on the commercial sensitivity.

days ago, Taobao (including Tmall) a comprehensive upgrade of merchandise management system, and open commodity bar code management function. This initiative requires businesses to edit the background, but also to submit to Taobao barcode as a supplement.

said Taobao will be officially implemented the new regulations in April, and at the end of April, some of the goods will be released as the necessary elements of commodity bar code, which means that no commodity bar code will not release the baby. read more

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Local business network customer segmentation B2B

local business network is based on Xiamen and the surrounding region of the regional portal, under the Xiamen pine information services limited. The website is mainly to provide local procurement and supply business daily practical information, is committed to a variety of urgent needs to listen, mining and meet local business, at the same time to provide customers with a complete function, simple operation, user-friendly information release system, communicate with other users through our platform to make more and better practical information, in order to achieve resource sharing. read more

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Online shopping spawned 3 new career into a new choice for personal network Entrepreneurship

online shopping has become a new era of people’s favor, whether people after 70 or 80, 90, is love the high efficient, convenient and inexpensive way of shopping. With the continuous development of online shopping, it provides a large number of employment opportunities for the society at the same time, and constantly create new occupation of many related, such as network, network division, Madou bargain shop decoration Division etc..

1, network hemp beans

On the one hand, due to the limitation of traditional read more

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Rookie micro business eight experience

I am a part-time job to do micro business, but also a novice, probably about a month, an average of 4 to 5 hours a day. The reason for writing this article, one is to share a derivative of their own during this period of time experience, on the other hand also hope that we can communicate with me ". In order to facilitate the reading, I would like to say that according to the article, think of what to say which is not necessarily right, I hope to criticize.

(1) execution. Think of thousands of road at night, go up in the morning the original road, this is certainly not, and now so well-developed network, a lot of the time we can see some methods and experiences of others, but we did not go to practice, or has already started, but did not stick to it. I want to say, want to do things, the first step, you have to perform. read more

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The survival of the fittest business websites should strengthen their own competitiveness

now many business sites are to strengthen the promotion, strengthen the propaganda in the way of publicity, but now the innumerable business class website on the network, how to improve their performance, enhance their visibility


is now doing SEO optimization, do network promotion of the website a lot, however, those well-known, good websites is to rely on the "promotion" and achieve sales? In fact, although the wine is also afraid of deep alley, but if the wine is not sweet, perhaps no one will give. Now the type of business website is a lot on the line in a hurry, and then follow the trend following the development of type, type of business website is no longer a new thing, but now is in a period of rapid development, as the economic development of the conventional rules, it will produce a lot of mixed stand, and then develop bubble so, for now a lot of business website, focus should not be on the surface of the "external", but should strengthen the "internal" exercise. read more

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Horizontal contrast Baidu, GG, Ali which alliance better advertising

do you stand eventually fell to profitability, but individual stationmaster is too difficult to make money, now the price of advertising is more and more low, but relatively speaking, Baidu GG, Ali is still relatively large alliance, although the amount deducted (estimated to now did not buckle of the alliance), but still get the money. Relatively speaking, don’t worry about the question of payment, but the League after the trial, the feeling is too difficult to earn money, only to show the amount of revenue per thousand in the 0.3-0.5 yuan, too low. read more

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Used car electricity supplier integrity collapse data fraud half of the monthly sales of water

in the past 2015, the second-hand car business platform to fame, won the favor of capital and public attention. It is hoped that through the fair and open Internet mode to change the traditional industry problems for many years, to provide consumers with a better car experience and protection. However, with the sale of the car accident "will be transferred the car to internal staff" and "false data" and other negative news was disclosed, second-hand car business platform integrity is collapsed, the development of the industry suffered a strong cold wave". read more

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Amazon in China for ten years of reactive or fought in the ndia Market

[Abstract] Amazon’s $2 billion investment in India electricity market, India is responsible for Bezos’s right-hand man.

Re/code Chinese station on March 11th reported

in the past ten years, Amason has been trying to become the world’s most populous country China in the electricity supplier industry participants, but the result is not. Today, the situation has become very clear: for Geoff · Bezos (Jeff) under the leadership of the company, the biggest international development opportunities are not in China, but turned to India. read more

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Transformation of traditional enterprise electricity supplier how to get a good talent this pass

remember Ma said: do not do e-commerce, five years later you will regret it. Have to admit that China’s electricity supplier is quite rapid development momentum. In this trend, the traditional industries have started to do electricity supplier transformation. But at the moment, the traditional enterprises involved in the electricity supplier at the same time, had to face new problems – suitable for the development of enterprises. In Hebei, Shahe, a founder of e-commerce companies reluctantly said: simply can not recruit the right people, can only pull the relatives come over training. After entering the e-commerce, it is true that the most expensive in twenty-first Century is the talent." This is also a common problem of many electricity supplier companies. read more

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Xue Dongyang 2011 China e-commerce market will usher in this war

is the end of 2010, recalling about the past one year, the e-commerce market China is crowded ah, B2C can be said to be the most beautiful for the field of electronic commerce in 2010; the two Amazon, senior B2C website is still strong; Jingdong mall, Newegg and VANCL (ERIC), the bright younger generation Taobao mall the rapid development of C2C, and other fields; scenery seems to have dropped, will no longer claim to the C2C model, instead of Taobao mall it is now in the rapid development of Tencent, Baidu has ah, pat tepid; C2C mode in the future how? It is difficult to know, but no doubt, the proliferation of fake integrity crisis and other issues is the key factor restricting the development of the C2C model. read more

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From the Ming war to fight out of business services to pull businesses become the focus of competiti

This year’s

business platform competition can be said to be unusually hot, a shocking price shopping for many consumers hooked, but in addiction, but found that many price bloody business platform is actually a kind of abusive behavior brandished a knife from the palace style, not only will not get a good reputation, and even competitors and object the navy to discredit, and these business platform businesses also really disappointing, false prices for many consumers shouted very hurt, this is this year’s electricity supplier Ming war we bring the impression, and this impression does not seem to bring positive energy read more

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Create excellent brand positioning method

The level of

to the development of the Internet, e-commerce has become a traditional brand new profit growth point, however, the traditional brand business strategy can not completely copy the traditional channels, but should be based on the development characteristics of the Internet and network of consumer demand, re positioning of the brand. At the same time, for some of the new pure electricity supplier brand, if you can do a good job of brand positioning, fully able to quickly seize the consumer’s mental model, which quickly became the first category. read more

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Computer website domain name change announcement

accompanied us 11 years of is about to change the domain name, this is a historic moment.

WWW.SHUDOO.COM, the number of fixed connection, entrusted with the people and the computer Chinese eighty million computer enthusiasts dream of sailing sailing at this moment.

from the beginning of June 12th, the official website of the computer – number of mobile connections, the official opening of the new domain name, the original domain name will provide a short jump service. read more

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Domain bid no bid for private auction

          October 31st international report Halloween is coming, but buyers apparently no interest in hell domain

since earlier this year, sold $12 million in price, all out of hell. The price of $1 million, but the result was no bid.

according to the information provided by the station, is a private network parallel web browser cannot access "". read more

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