Month: March 2017

West Tim 12 electric vehicles patrol

Recently, 12 new urban electric motorcycle patrol car in the West District streets debut. It is reported that all electric motorcycles all through a unified spray, the front has a more eye-catching administrative law enforcement logo, so as to the law enforcement patrol car, greatly improving the efficiency. West district population is more intensive, easy to form a number of violations of the law, found more difficult. While relying solely on the current vehicle inspections, law enforcement officers on foot patrol, has been unable to meet the needs of the current point of view, inspections, etc.. In order to further strengthen the mobile enforcement team’s ability to adapt to the city management, features continue to extend to alleyways, make inspections leaving no blind spots, do city management work fast, mobile and flexible, the west area of self financing 6 yuan, the purchase of electric motorcycles and 12 cars, have been allotted to each squadron law enforcement work the hands of staff. Law enforcement electric motorcycle new equipment will replace part of the task, on foot patrol car, with a flexible and convenient features, can be the first time arrived at the scene for disposal, especially suitable for narrow alleys, traffic intensive focus on regional and personnel intensive areas, the initial realization of the area inspection form diversification, the disposal illegal and emergency work quickly.   read more

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Xining Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau to carry out special inspections of elevator safety

recently, the Xining Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision timely deployment, the establishment of the East, north of the city, the city, the west 4 special inspection teams to deploy the overall staff assigned to the inspection teams to carry out special inspections of elevators.

it is understood that the 4 special inspection group of Xining city will use all elevator units one by one according to law to conduct a comprehensive inspection, inspection group in accordance with the Xining municipal safety committee requirements, to further improve the elevator dynamic safety supervision system, strengthen the administrative law enforcement and legal advocacy efforts to promote the construction of the elevator safety responsibility system. At the same time, the use of units to further implement the safety responsibility, to prevent undocumented, unlicensed operation and the use of ultra inspection period and refused to carry out safety inspection instruction and other illegal activities, and requests the elevator maintenance unit of elevator maintenance to carefully check the elevator maintenance, eliminate safety hazards, to ensure the safe operation of the elevator, safeguard the people’s the safety of life and property. (author: Ma Juan)
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Xining to the rural collective three capital supervision with electronic eye


in Xining City, the rural collective funded regulatory system on the day before the official start network.

Enable the

of this system, can realize the city and district (county), four level network supervision of township and village, Township rural collective funded agency institutions and village collective economic organizations can realize the rural collective funded information management; rural economic management institutions at all levels may rely on supervision platform, realize the rural collective funded "the online data query, statistics, business guidance, dynamic management, financial disclosure and other business network dynamic supervision and management departments at all levels of rural regulatory data two-way communication, multi-level sharing and other functions, the comprehensive promotion of rural collective capital management level. read more

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Xining City ntermediate People’s court held seminar views

recently, the Xining City Intermediate People’s court held career outlook, work values, outlook on the "three" theme practice seminars, director, Department of history building municipal Party invited senior lecturer Wang Mingxia lectures.

Wang Mingxia

"to establish the correct career outlook, outlook, outlook to strengthen party spirit", through a large number of examples vividly on the development to establish and adhere to the correct "through" theme practice activities of the background, significance, analysis of the existing "three views" leading cadres in the current problems, the focus from four aspects to explain how to firmly establish and adhere to the correct career outlook, outlook, political outlook, the leading cadres must set up the idea of lifelong learning; keep in mind the purpose to establish and adhere to a correct view; seeking truth and pragmatic, establish and adhere to the correct concept of work; to strengthen the responsibility to establish and adhere to the correct the concept of performance requirements, the intrinsic link between the listener to "three" connotation and mutual have further understanding, fully aware of the implementation of the new "three Concept is placed in front of the city’s courts each party members and cadres of the new topic. Only to strengthen learning, adhere to governing for the people, to enforce the law, strict self-discipline, fair and honest to the tree upright, truly for the people of good service, good right. read more

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The first half of the province’s key projects to promote smooth

recently learned from the provincial development and Reform Commission, as of the end of June, the province’s 170 key projects to 157 (85 construction projects, 72 new projects), the restart rate reached 92%, completed an investment of 69 billion 180 million yuan, accounting for 49% of the total investment in fixed assets, key projects to support the leading role of highlights.

this year, all localities and departments across the province and the entity responsible for the project focus on the provincial government to determine the objectives and tasks of the construction of key projects as an important starting point, the establishment of mechanisms, elaborate organization, regular scheduling, strengthen early efforts to promote, among them, storage, Laxiwa gorge water conservancy irrigation works, important the allocation of water resources of the Yellow River River flood control and 7 water conservancy infrastructure projects opened, completed an investment of 568 million yuan; Qingchuan railway, the new grid library channel, Xining City Ring Road, Qilian Airport 28 transport infrastructure projects opened, completed an investment of 19 billion 960 million yuan; aluminum bridge, big pressure on the small thermal power generation and photovoltaic industry of Delingha Park three, Hercynian to Qinghai power grid transmission channel to enhance the ability of the 21 energy infrastructure project to restart, completed an investment of 115 .6 billion yuan; Qinghai broadband and information consumption of construction projects and major projects such as the Internet plus 2 information infrastructure projects are all opened, completed an investment of 6 billion 200 million yuan; Tibetan towns infrastructure, Haidong city parking lot, Xining city underground pipe gallery, Kunlun west line 17 urban infrastructure projects. The resumption of work, completed an investment of 7 billion 690 million yuan; upgrade project to restart the transformation of modern agricultural demonstration zone, Mingyang wind power photovoltaic equipment manufacturing integration, double walled city, Guide the Yellow River International Logistics comprehensive ecological scenic spot of 67 industry, completed an investment of 12 billion 560 million yuan; Sanjiang source of ecological protection and construction in two, North and South Xining mountain greening, Qilian Mountains ecological the protection and Huangshui River Basin water environment comprehensive treatment of 5 ecological environmental protection projects all opened, completed an investment of 720 million yuan; the comprehensive building of medical hospital for women and children," Comprehensive reform, the new campus of the normal university, the city’s affordable housing and supporting infrastructure, precision poverty alleviation projects, such as 10 livelihood projects all to return to work, completed an investment of 9 billion 900 million yuan. read more

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Xining City Public Security Bureau to crack down on manufacturing and selling false illegal and crim

Xining City Public Security Bureau to crack down on illegal trafficking of false criminal activities, safeguard the normal order of social administration.

in recent years, Xining city manufacturing and selling false criminal activities for all kinds of false rebound, urban residential buildings, high streets and back lanes in the hospital "psoriasis" information everywhere, not only disrupt the normal order of social administration also caused negative effects and serious pollution to the city image. read more

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Taking the first granted to rank people work to strengthen our province

recently, the provincial public security department issued a notice, asked the province’s public security organs at all levels shall earnestly implement the policy of ruling, and strengthen the management of police work, taking the "people", promote the standardization construction team.


notification requirements, to implement the reform of public security, public security organs organization, improve the optimization of the preparation of the special public security effectiveness of spirit, give full play to the police work granted the first important role of "people" and the standardization construction of police force in the strict, public security organs at all levels should further regulate the province’s public security special preparation of unified management, strict security "import", not free people, free of misappropriation of public security special preparation. The preparation of the new year and the emergence of natural attrition, as well as empty, must be included in the year recruiting plan, the provincial Civil Service Bureau, the Provincial Public Security Bureau unified organization for social recruiting. Standard procedures for examination and approval in personnel, due to work needs from other administrative organs in special professional personnel, shall be transferred to ensure objects with civil servants, in line with the premise of the relevant conditions in the police occupation, the Political Department of the Municipal Public Security Bureau in accordance with the requirements of the Political Department of the provincial public security department procedures for examination and approval, shall not be transferred without authorization required transferred without the consent of the audit procedures, not award rank. To further improve the rank of approval for timeliness, each unit will be on the alert with quarterly staff for publicity in the public security network, solicit the views of discipline inspection departments after the political department submitted to the provincial public security department, the area regularly informed late, not reported, misstatement rank about the situation, and according to the briefing after the corresponding performance evaluation score. read more

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National Social Science Popularization seminar held in Xining

in July 18th, the Fifteenth National Seminar on the popularization of social science theory and experience will be held in Xining. From 30 provinces and cities nationwide social science association leaders, experts and scholars more than 180 people attended the meeting.


meeting that the popularity of social science work adhere to the understanding of the world, heritage of civilization, innovation theory, political consultation and education, serve the community, to popularize science knowledge, promote scientific methods, the dissemination of scientific ideas, promote scientific spirit for the purpose, to make its due contribution to the cause of the prosperity and development of social science. Standing at a new historical starting point, social science front should strive to create popular boutique, close to the needs of the people, focus on innovation, and actively expand the function form of the carrier, to integrate various resources, play linkage effects, efforts to improve the institutional mechanisms, strengthening the basis for the work, strengthen team construction, provide personnel support, continue to promote the popularity of social science work forward. read more

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Huangzhong preferential policies to support farmhouse

to further enhance the farm level, Huangzhong County Local Taxation Bureau by the preferential tax policies of the state and province, city, and vigorously support the lushaer town area farmhouse characteristic economy development.

It is reported that the Bureau in

, fewer personnel, area wide, difficult to manage the situation, dispatched personnel to conduct a special inspection of 82 farmhouse and preferential tax policy propaganda, scale of operation, good reputation in the customer business households, give a care in the invoice purchase and other work, and contact the installation of tax control machine. For the new account in the process of tax registration and invoice purchase procedures, etc., as far as possible to simplify procedures, shorten the waiting time. Through the tireless efforts of staff and management, lushaer town area farmhouse increased 400 thousand yuan of tax revenue for the local, business households have a good income, not only to support the development of local economy, but also to nearly 500 people created employment opportunities. (author: Ding Chen Yudong)
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North District Population and family planning bureau to strengthen the national free pre pregnancy h

Since the

national health examination program of free pre pregnancy in Chengbei District, North District Population and family planning bureau to give full play to the management of family planning service network advantages, vigorously promote the scientific significance of eugenic knowledge and pre pregnancy health examination, achieved good social effect.
is designed a free pre pregnancy health check knowledge of popular science readings in 20000, large panels 10. Through the Internet, newspapers, television, family planning, population culture propaganda advisory services publicity of free pre pregnancy health check policy and eugenics knowledge, create a good social atmosphere of public opinion, improve the coverage of the target population and the awareness rate of eugenic knowledge. Two is the use of "5.29", "7.11" and the traditional festivals such as the favorable opportunity, the penetration of pre pregnancy health check knowledge content to the Festival cultural activities of entertainment, entertaining propaganda, achieved good publicity. Three is the organization of village population planning engineer village households into the family, carry out family planning policy face, maternity care heart "service activities, to all newly married, pregnant women make home pregnancy health care propaganda materials, understand the service demand, the popularity of pre pregnancy health check knowledge, guide the masses to actively participate in the free pre pregnancy health check. Four is the marriage training class as the carrier, for the national free pre pregnancy health check project, organized a total of 4 students lectures, 260 newlywed to be pregnant people promote the free pre pregnancy health check of the science and the necessity to enhance their awareness of the related knowledge. On the town, the streets of family planning technical service personnel training of professional knowledge, a clear workflow, job responsibilities, clear target population identification and follow-up. The five is to strengthen the cooperation with the Department of civil affairs, the Civil Affairs Bureau marriage registration office issued a free pre pregnancy health check knowledge of popular science readings, and assign specific conduct propaganda and consultation for rural couples, improve the awareness rate of the target population and the coverage rate.
through various forms and range of publicity, enhance the enthusiasm of the pre pregnancy health check knowledge propaganda surface and the target population for the active participation of the masses, in order to enhance North eugenics consciousness, reduce the risk of birth defects, building a healthy and happy family, has played a positive role in promoting. read more

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Huangyuan County 30 workers to participate in entrepreneurship training courses

recently, in full support of trade unions and the city of Xining city general training base, Huangyuan County Federation of trade unions held 10 days of "entrepreneurship and improve enterprise SIYB training you, 30 workers in difficulty from the communities in Huangyuan county participated in the training. This is the fourth since 2009 since the start of the training courses. Up to now, the difficulty of training their own businesses up to 105 employees.

the training from the individual awareness of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial program to communicate how to start a business, how will the sustainable development of their existing business grows, as an entrepreneur should have the quality of how the main content. read more

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Everyone knowing the law abiding Xining Judicial Bureau set up the concept of legal system to safegu

Xining Municipal Bureau of justice functions is the legal service to the society, so that everyone understand the law, law-abiding, provide legal protection and legal publicity for the construction of a harmonious society. Since 2004, the Municipal Bureau of justice to determine the "law and peer" as the service brand, refining the establishment of the legal concept, advocating the spirit of the rule of law, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests, the building of a harmonious society. read more

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19 units to pay back the 3 million 750 thousand housing fund

In order to improve the deposit units and workers paid, on the housing provident fund system recently, rushed to the city center provident fund deposit units, survey visits, control problem search, 19 units to repay the outstanding housing provident fund 3 million 750 thousand yuan in all, safeguard the vital interests of workers paid. It is understood that our city as a window unit, the control center city provident fund service standards, made clear requirements for the service work in service, service manners, language questions and other details, and adjust the loan approval mode, optimize the credit business process; arrangement of more than and 200 trips to more than and 100 units of housing provident fund deposit publicity policy, improve the understanding of the deposit units and workers paid housing provident fund system, 19 units to repay the outstanding housing provident fund 3 million 750 thousand yuan, safeguarding the vital interests of workers paid; 7 level cadres service post set in the business front, solve the service "obstruction"; to actively communicate with the financial department of the the bank, and completed the preliminary work to set up service outlets.   read more

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Let the rule of law really become a common belief

November 4th, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, municipal Party committee secretary Wang Jianjun chaired the Standing Committee to convey the spirit of learning and implementing the spirit of the party and the provincial Party members and cadres in the spirit of the meeting in the fourth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee. Wang Jianjun stressed that to make the rule of law really become our common belief and way of life, the legal awareness throughout the whole process of our work and study, become a conscious habit. Combined with recent work, Wang Jianjun stressed that one should learn. The Standing Committee should take the lead, the municipal bodies to combine the work of learning and thinking, consciously take the rule of law and the rule of law Province, the rule of law requires mastery of the specific work, pay attention to the "decision" of the original study, truly and thoroughly understand, let law truly become our common beliefs and way of life. The whole process of legal consciousness throughout our work, become a conscious habit. Two to do publicity. In the ongoing Village (community) "two committees" general election as an opportunity and carrier, extensive learning method, the letter of the law, abide by the law, law-abiding, usage of education and practice activities, to further promote the study and implement. Three to do a good job. Around the central decision, the implementation of the views of the provincial Party committee to study the work of promoting the rule of law, to implement the spirit of the central government, combined with the actual situation in Xining, highlighting the problem oriented, the formation of targeted research results. Four to grasp the drafting of the document. To form a comprehensive promotion of the rule of law in accordance with the implementation of the city. To grasp the connection. In the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee the party’s fourth plenary of two important process of building a moderately prosperous society in the country, is a reform, one is the rule of law, the spirit and the spirit of the Third Plenary Session of fourth plenary session as a whole, grasping the reform, grasping the rule of law, promote the rule of law to reform, to protect the rule of law reform. Six to implement. The decision of the CPC Central Committee, the implementation of the views, to see the results in Xining, departments at all levels should focus on legislation, law enforcement, justice, clear division of labor, clear responsibility, the specific implementation.   read more

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50 minutes from Xining to Delingha

8:50 on June 16th, a Silver Eagle down through the clouds in the new Delingha Airport, marks the Delingha Airport – this has a modern standard design of navigation airport was officially completed, Qaidam Basin is a window to the world from open sea, West also added a quick passage of a leading eight party.

Gobi landed boiling point

when beautiful Qinghai aircraft took off from Xining all the way to the west wing, across the blue sky of Delingha, landed at an altitude of 2862 meters of the Delingha Airport. When the passengers and crew walked down the ramp, applause four, singing, colorful sleeves fluttering…… Dressed in costumes of the local Mongolian and Tibetan people danced a merry dance, presented a white hada, with their unique way to greet the long-awaited "eagle". Mr. Zhao, who just stepped off the plane, said: "before I came to Delingha, I would like to sit for six or seven hours, and now it is very convenient to take a plane for only about 50 minutes." Outside the airport perimeter, some of the local Mongolian and Tibetan masses, the girls can not help but hum with the music, the old man looked at the plane with a smile…… A Mongolian actor said: "I think we were also Delingha airport, after going out more convenient."

aerial, Delingha Airport is surrounded by large tracts of the Gobi desert, in the face of perennial drought, high evaporation, wind environment, airport construction in great difficulty as can be imagined. In order to ensure timely and quality completion of the airport construction tasks, all construction personnel to overcome the high altitude, short duration, sandstorms and other difficult conditions, adhere to the "time is the victory, the quality is the life of the building concept, according to time, quality, integrity, responsibility four rigid target, scientific planning, careful organization, strict management to overcome the difficulties, after a short period of three years, the successful completion of the construction tasks. In particular, the construction of the use of a number of advanced green high-end concept, was the Northwest Civil Aviation Authority, party secretary Chai Duoshan evaluation: "a bright star in the Qaidam basin." Now, a green airport modernization stands in the top of Gobi, Qinghai province has become the only one in the northwest region, "12th Five-Year" during the planning, approval, construction, construction, and successful completion of the airport project, create a new domestic regional airport construction speed, and the performance of the new construction project of Qinghai Tibet plateau.

the plug wings to take off

the Qaidam circular economy pilot area is located in the northwest of the province, the center is located in Gansu, Qinghai, rendezvous, Tibet four provinces of the new subject, as known to the world in the Qaidam Basin, an area of 256 thousand square kilometers, is 20; read more

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Chengdiao cultural symbols in Xining summer

regional culture is the soul of a city, is the driving force of the overall development of the city; urban spirit is the core of urban culture, a city is different from another city. The American scholar Joel · Kotkin brightly points out in its "global city" in the book of history, the city not only "living machine", also reflects the charm and vitality in Inner quality.

city sculpture, is a landmark of a city, represents the city’s cultural connotation and taste, reflects a city’s spiritual temperament, is the most effective way to record the city and state of art history and culture. Excellent urban sculpture, can play a role in beautifying the city and people’s lives, is the city’s eyes". read more

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