Month: July 2017

Rookie freshman site experience, written to the present self

saw an article the first two days, as if to say the freshman’s confusion, let me think about my experience as a freshman, but I really miss the feeling of doing the station at that time. And now, it may be hard to do.

first came to this school, do not know how to contact the website of this stuff, anyway, I remember the beginning do station is Hsinchu self-help Station system, the site that can be typed, very simple, he applied for a play (now, but too much garbage, do not put) at that time, what did not know where, SEO optimization, login search engine, the concept of advertising alliance and so on, even the IP do not understand, because the system comes with a count of things, every day can only look at that day, may also be because of the rise in the numbers on the counter and feel happy. read more

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Talking about the Big Dipper of website team management

some thoughts about website team management, welcome to discuss

a clear responsibility

Permissions for the

team, clear responsibilities, is the first step of the team began to enter the good operation status, responsibilities and authority is a part of the overall site, set up department responsibility for Internet Co, will help improve the overall, otherwise, if the responsibility is not clear or improper, there may be less than the expected in effect, such as "a large website planning department responsibilities" concept, (ladder) Wang Yihui said that the planning department’s responsibilities include "supervise the implementation of this one, but in the actual operation process, we should in-depth analysis, planning departments supervise the implementation of how to supervise whether the powerful urge? read more

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Pay quiz, popular knowledge about live can really realize the realization of the dream content

recently, friends fire a play: pay 1 yuan will be able to answer questions like the Lord, a principal in the form of voice reply (here pay is "1" or "2 yuan", "10 yuan" has a master say, independent set).

allegedly, there are large V users in the circle of friends to share a paid Q & A links, 44 questions on the income of 25081 yuan…… (without textual criticism), of course, there are many users who have only been asked a few simple questions and got a single digit money…… read more

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The support of love — a brief discussion on the business model of the nternet in the new era


] in the new era the power driven Internet users use products from the need to love, people desire the identity and emotional resonance, even let consumers sad, also most willing to pay.

"CY story" is a very literary shop. It sells not goods, but resonance. All the goods in this store are virtual items, which is the story. Each story is priced at one dollar. However, sir can be free to read, because the item contain complete story. If the reader likes it very much, it can be photographed and paid a dollar for the story. The shop is entirely dependent on support. read more

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Novice webmaster most easily made three taboo

started today, Shenzhen mobile phone watch new online. This station can be described through the groundless talk, since the beginning of the domain name registration has not what should be stable, committed a taboo many webmaster has been committed, thought content and development direction of the web site blindly into the construction site to go, so to want to change will become more and more difficult the. Do it yourself SEO and promotion of the heart do not have a clear grasp of what is? Take my stand, before considering doing a simple mobile phone sales site, is now the popular B2C program, selected a lot, began to choose the spread of the Internet for a long time Zhuhai mobile phone network the ASP program, but due to technical reasons, the program online spread a little BUG, you don’t have the energy and time to fix, was changed to PHP ECSHOP, this is known as the best program online. Then worry about bad record for the record, and a revised edition DEDE CMS, made the system between the change is between half a month, do not say hard, unless it is done a particularly good webmaster, most of the grassroots webmaster basic pay and harvest is not proportional, I also included a. During this time, the energy invested is very high, and the returns are basically zero. Pay not necessarily get, and as a comfort yourself and the webmaster. read more

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The real master find room owners and direct docking, to the intermediary to the service itself

there is a saying in the Empire, with many drift pain: "I have been cheated intermediary, not mix in Beijing, whether rent or buy second-hand housing intermediary, and all is the first step.

as an intermediary intermediary to find housing and the owners, the contract’s real estate brokers have many sides does not understand the information and skills: information level, dynamic price listings as well as find room; and in the technical level, because the rental housing are regarded as low demand, supply and demand sides are the lack of effective professional knowledge, whether it is before the transaction valuation, coordination, or deal all formalities required, brokers are able to act as a skilled operation exists. read more

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A webmaster’s first love

in the spring, I accepted her.

in the spring, I fell in love with her.

in the spring, for her pay.

is in love and can’t be together.

I picked up the website and started fighting again.

started my dream, a dream that couldn’t be perfect.

is going to make up for another dream. Maybe reality is not perfect.

, but try to comfort. Maybe it hurts to love someone.

, but remember, you love her, and if it’s worth it, pay for everything.

will not regret it later. But is the man really tough?. read more

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CN domain name ruined my station group dream, who pays for my station group

CNNIC restrictions individual use CN domain name, and all registered CN domain name inventory, mandatory request CN domain name for the record, these for me, completely destroyed my station group dream.

in November 09, I started my own station group plan, and at the same time, the WAP website "Huang" began to be reported in major media. My station group plan actually good simple, is to register hundreds of CN domain name, and then all use domain name parking service to make money. At that time, some people pointed out to me, "do standing group, spend money and spend time", domain name, space, some things will make the head ache. I this station group plan I think is perfect, do not spend money to buy space, don’t take the time to build the site, don’t spend more effort to maintain and update the website, all because the website SeoParking. read more

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Hungry, behind 200 thousand free lunches in Shanghai

first contact to the hungry when it is in the Hangzhou branch was established in 2011 to enter the market at the time of the Xiasha University, hungry is everywhere saolou distribute leaflets hard cock, but now it has become a ho throw 200 thousand copies of free lunch Hao Jie.

bitter, hungry, the growth of history,


2011, bitter hanging hungry to distribute leaflets in Xiasha University and began to crazy poverty, schools around the snack bar. Let me hungry not impressed by their peers than the more refined cash coupon type delivery leaflets, but his name and domain name with, hungry, because in the Internet work, so in Xiasha see this name and domain name let me aftertaste for a long time. read more

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How to analyze and evaluate websites


in the webmaster site in the process, it is necessary to contact other sites, but also constantly to observe, compare, analysis of some websites, analysis of their rankings, analysis of their promotion process. This article describes my personal role as a webmaster, analysis and evaluation of the site’s experience.

, in fact, is so clear, so the analysis and evaluation of the website is to make use of some of the resources on hand to make use of the reasonable information to obtain the unknown information. read more

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A sense of integration policy in King Wang Forum


policy graph king is the fiery implementation, this point is on the line after a few days ago I found, when first contact does not have too many feelings, because I have been to see posted in the forum, there are very few post! So integral to me, not so important! Plus I was a manager every day, more responsible for things, too much time in the face of the computer, so I have been in the global forum, yesterday I read an article about the appraisal of webmaster site article, a little feeling! Now graph king impressed me as legendary as Ma, too many people is directed to the leader’s personality charm in his products and services, the forum is a great adhesion of a platform for users, especially for the webmaster, long time online, so the need for a more Good, dynamic, very webmaster style forum to mix, this is my idea! read more

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Discussion on website value analysis

has just experienced a short selling station storm, although the final sale did not become, but buyers psychological, I summed up what little in their psychological, will give you the station a kind of evaluation, is also in the buyer psychology, you stand in the end worth.

applies only to IP on less than 5000 of the stations have never seen.


first mention of a word, it is a lot of long mention: do stand have a flow of money. I was wrong, not to say this sentence, this sentence is wrong. The money is not just determined by your traffic, distribution and the population of visitors only decisive mind for money. The buyer first to see your traffic, but the distribution of visitors and visitor parameters the next important is your station is. read more

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How to add e-commerce modules to enhance profitability

now, e-commerce is more and more applied to the enterprise marketing field, provide a new source of power for the enterprise’s profit ability, so that now the company product marketing collective "Internet" of the event, it also provides a broad market for the master station. However, no such resource owners how to share a cup of soup in the tide of e-commerce? This needs webmaster using his hand site resources, seriously thinking of website and e-commerce can be combined in the electronic commerce into your website, the formation of a unique and closely combined with the content of the website and users welcome the module, through this module to attract users to buy, so as to create a new way of profit for the website. read more

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From the Webmaster Station, grow up, believe in your own way

I am a knight, since I started the "Knight master station", I really know myself.

, if you want to understand the growth of Knight Webmaster Station, you can search "Knight master station" domain name registration time, Alexa ranking, PR value, Baidu included, Google included information. If you are a webmaster, I believe you will be surprised, in such a short period of time to develop so well,


a lot of people think that this is the company’s operation, or team operators, or it is impossible to build so well. Content resources so rich, Baidu and Google included so well, snapshot update so urgent, Google weight so high, and even many articles in the portal website and other webmaster class web site in front of. In fact, this is the personal webmaster operation, from the site of the domain name, CMS selection, performance space setting, website template, change the content to add, Links exchange, soft Wen promotion, increase the chain, is done by me. Such a big workload, I can complete a person, explained a little, and now the personal webmaster is not enough effort, just insist on not. If you update 10 articles a day, it will be hard to succeed for five years. Adhere to the method, persist in efforts to struggle. Otherwise, persistence is only a waste of time and energy. At last, there is nothing at all. Whether it is the future development or the value of the website, it is very difficult to manifest. read more

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also talk about the survival of grassroots webmaster status

tonight to drink some wine, scribbles, just awake to read, a lot of typos. Hard, I know the free (dedicated to the novice veteran can flash)

is mainly a friend today plus me QQ talk about the relationship between IP and PV, the following is my personal understanding. There are wrong, please advise. Personally feel that IP is important, but PV is more important to one who wants to stay

for long

development of the regular station, if the statistics show that your PV is less than 3 times IP, then you have to review their own. Because the content of your station has no place to attract people. In a simple way, you, as an ordinary visitor, visit other people’s stations and you just turn one page off. As for me, 2 reasons, one is that content doesn’t appeal to me, and two, the website is slow and unbearable. On the other hand, this station has what you want, and you will see it continuously, so that PV will come up, of course, the world ranking is also good. Good content is not collected, basically I do not see which station is to rely on acquisition to win back customers. Don’t assume that your IP ten thousand of your great, if PV is less than 2 times, then you do a failure is a failure, if accidentally K, you only put the site shut down, not because of what the antecedents of the. That is to say, your station doesn’t hold anyone at all… It’s good to stand. No one goes to the grave… read more

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A brief summary of ways to combine portal sites with Forums

in recent days are writing about the site of the small work, "Southern Jiangxi Dayu network is how to do a day by BAIDU included", "talking about the county site how to develop" reflect good, today continue.

network, China Xunwu net, Xunwu forum is the line on the 8.16 day, just completed the framework, there is nothing else, say, write the following experience before: Xunwu

recently, every day to go to the forum, no gains, but there are ideas, is how to make the portal and BBS organic combination, produce invisible effect? Now many websites have many following shortcomings: read more

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