Month: September 2017

On site optimization personnel details

talent website main keywords should choose what kind of talent in Hefei, for example, can choose the "Hefei talent network", "work in Hefei" and "Hefei job" and other words as keywords, local talent websites generally provide only local recruitment services. Local enterprises to enter the local talent website, released some of the recruitment information, job seekers can find a job in the local talent website, the main keywords finished talent website, and then talk about how to set up the long tail keywords and screening? For example, can set these long tail key words: Hefei is looking for a job, looking for a job in Hefei, Hefei graduate employment and other words, the number of the long tail words is not much, in fact, these search volume keywords are less, the author thought that the local talent website the most important is to do the promotion of line. read more

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On the improvement of six independent blog ranking factors

keyword to choose appropriate

imperceptibly, the website has a month’s time, today suddenly want to talk about this time feel blog optimization. Although only a short period of time so a month, but it seems learned more than half a year before. May be more competitive because of it, that now every day is so full.


internal links: just beginning to do a website that moment, feel very good to understand the external links and internal links, it is not so easy to do. After all, the internal links need to modify the code to find and solve problems in time every day. So every day wondering how to make search engines along their way to retrieve their own website, though very tired, but the harvest is still pretty much. I remember before I had finished writing the article page website when and after a ping release, then Shanghai can always receive second love. But after a few hours, you will find the missing, but when the address is still searching. This means that the weight of the website is not caused by high, until the strengthened internal link, really do stable included. Although my blog is not included in the second, but at least. read more

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How to optimize the site in the process of the title of Shanghai Dragon

Title website on the Internet to see some of my friends are part of word segmentation, Shanghai will know that love. Love is Shanghai will understand, but this kind of understanding that what you think is completely different. Site keywords, title and description section, the keywords must appear where there must be the core keywords, not smart to use love Shanghai or you will get segmentation technology in the future optimization.

the above content provided by the network promotion planning positions along the edge, for reprint, please indicate the source: A5 station network read more

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The new station + accident + + + to episode by K+ back home =19 days


1, modify all Title Description keywords, the original station has a title "bronze" changed.


4, put their hands several PR1 to 3 of the site to a Links. The other is not yet done.


4, the page calls everything into text directly to page

Wednesday afternoon received the first list, URL: www.***贵族宝贝. Key words: bronze, bronze bronze villa, Hangzhou. Just the day before the site on-line, fortunately has collected the home page. I started to get a web data modification. The details are as follows: read more

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The use of several ideas user behavior optimization keywords

Key words by

A factor of


collection contains many aspects, such as social bookmarking, love of Shanghai, and SNS of the user’s browser collection etc.. The more the number of collections, indicating the page value to the users, now wants to let users on the site collection is also not particularly effective practices, but data show that when your website in a particularly creative, users will be collected. The user may require your services, there may be a collection for future research, there may be a collection for a friend in the creativity of the website is essential for a. In addition, the best was to remind, or give the user some benefits, if the collection, then give rewards or vouchers and so on, to carry out the purpose of the plan guide. The collection has been more and more attention to search engine, we should pay attention to this one as early as possible. read more

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UCloud founder big data cloud computing more entrepreneurial opportunitiesWhy doesn’t the site make

cuts into

in the big data ecosystem, start-up companies are an integral part of the role.

Xinhua season

is different from BAT’s big data business model, and UCloud has its own business logic.

by game

in fact, the highest frequency of simultaneous large data words is cloud computing. Look at the organizational structure of BAT’s three giants, big data and cloud computing are part of the cloud sector. Ji Xinhua said, cloud platform for the allocation of resources, use, rapid expansion and other functions, can greatly meet the urgent needs of enterprise users for big data services. read more

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How to do a series of soft constantly updated work


Shanghai Longfeng link building, inside the chain can create largely affect the final effect. A series of articles for thoughts and secrets, content related, so in the process of creating the chain more convenient and simple. The above list of news content as an example, we look at the details click to enter.

content editing can take many forms or any form of poetry, or prose, essays, as long as you can really grasp the essence of the theme of how to edit text, how to publish, what kind of way to display the contents of the decision in Shanghai, we edit the hands of dragon. read more

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Wuzhong right to find and establish a quality standard of Links


a few months ago, Google PR not update the rumors on the noise and dust, many people even think PR has slowly will be forgotten, not important. We know that PR is the noble baby ranking algorithms, evaluation is an important standard to a web site and level of importance. The higher the PR value that the web page more popular (more important). Although PR does not have much relationship and love Shanghai weight, but it can reflect the comprehensive strength of a website. When we find the Links not only in addition to PR, PR and some other criteria. Personal opinion: Links like a spider web, attract search engine spider crawling, ranking and site weight to improve the core keywords, the spider web should be how to build? Wuzhong right to share in the search for Links, in addition to Google PR outside the chain of how to judge the friendship is appropriate: read more

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How to modify the enterprise station program to meet the standard of Shanghai Dragon

concluded that the site has been completed, the website program are many problems can not be modified, we can take the most basic of the modified, is very beneficial to the future of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, and these changes only need to FTP only, of course, the biggest advantage lies in the weight chain, the website itself website, Guan Jian will be a lot of long tail word have a very good ranking, Why not?! the trouble is, but to fundamentally solve the problem.

chain to navigation station link, link to bold display, here to hide or display all Never mind, webmaster to their own preferences to be. read more

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Page layout optimization using the concept of love and improve the layout optimization techniques

1, a


we all know that the site of the highest weight home page is (in general, does not exclude the case), then the page links have very high weight. So some sites now through the perfect use of div+css to achieve the perfect distribution of web page weight on the page, the embedded column layout is a good example of the importance of inner beauty, so when the study site optimization not only to look at the surface and see the inner (people’s love view similar), page layout program embedded style is a good choice. read more

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Fast to make the high quality the chain (two) Shanghai experience of love

love the experience of Shanghai high weight, this is obviously the love Shanghai weight their products are very high, as shown in figure.

After Pictured above is the

three, I love Shanghai experience can only edit.

love the experience of Shanghai, Shanghai is obviously love their own products, or beta and now love Shanghai home show, which means love Shanghai experience this product currently is not very perfect and mature. Of course, this also gave us a chance. Then use the love experience of Shanghai chain what are the benefits of read more

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Snapshot analysis by the website linked to horse


snapshot back, but this time, my analysis is to have a relationship with the Trojan ", because today is the next day before snapshot, a long time is very stable, from yesterday.

I met the third reason is today only personal experience. I have a website snapshot update, every day I have to use a tool to check the rankings and included. Recently do not know what the reason, just update the home page every day, the inside pages included is not very good. But today, that day included more than 40 pages, I was surprised, so to see what results are included, a cup with a picture: read more

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Case analysis of Shanghai how to love manual intervention ranking

has been the love of Shanghai and Taobao have continuously pulled the dispute, not only because they are competitors, on-line Taobao customers bring enormous pressure to love Shanghai search server, or even seriously affect the user’s search experience love Shanghai love Shanghai, so customer of Taobao had begun, kill a large number of API collection sites.

but love Shanghai although the manual intervention, but the intervention results are not ideal, can be seen from Figure 1, the results were still not the user wants to see, but still on the first page, maybe now > read more

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Farewell to the re examination of website content included fast is not a dream


B: website category trust. Do stand to understand the principle of different types of Web site in the search engine’s review period is not the same, such as medical websites, trust the more want to achieve fast included rapid ranking effect is simply going through a very long time, and do well the vine are likely. The relative medical class website, education, type of government website search engine to give the weights are relatively high, other types of sites you can trust is in the middle state. So webmaster in site encountered during the search engine for the different audit period is reasonable. But generally speaking, we can quickly optimize the search engine, also can greatly shorten. read more

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High quality content of Shanghai dragon how to improve their own quality to write high quality

second, the quality does not ask how gorgeous, but at least to sentence should have readability, some students mistakes don’t appear, such as typos, the special care regardless of the tail before messy. But these low-level details do not appear on the website, so that long-term adherence will make users improve on your website trust degree and professional accreditation.

third, written to help the real user to a certain extent, first you have to understand what the user visits a website, then you must make the user valuable content available to all, seize the demand and the core point is the key of the user, such as the theme of the website is a brave. So I must choose to write the contents of the brave, brave like light, how brave wear and so on, and then through the analysis of statistical data to understand the user webmaster to which section of the content of interest, so we can estimate the user demand for content, love what topic, so users can find the core contents of demand yet. read more

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Shanghai Longfeng summary produce content flow sharing experience

. A new column, this column may be the most relevant and the theme of your site, and then determine its URL, determine and then determine the structure of URL large number of pages, in fact, a lot of pages within the website structure is regular, it is also a key point of batch operation and easy to implement in the.

third, volume generated page. According to the format to batch write your title page title, keyword keywords and description, and check the label page is standard, such as the H tag, strong tag, which is very important. There is a link to a page, must be standardized, not errors. read more

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