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Lyle Menendez describes reunion with brother Erik after 22 years as a ‘remarkable moment’

first_imgABCNews.com(NEW YORK) — Lyle Menendez, one of the two affluent California brothers convicted for the 1989 murders of their parents, spoke out to DailyMailTV in his first interview since he reunited with his brother, Erik Menendez.The brothers came face to face earlier this month for the first time in 22 years after Lyle was transferred to the R.J. Donovan Correctional Facility, where Erik had been housed since July 2013, said Robert Rand, a journalist who has covered the case since 1989 and was a consultant for NBC’s 2017 TV series on the brothers.Lyle “ended up bursting into tears” upon seeing his brother, he said in an exclusive interview with DailyMailTV, a preview of which was shared with ABC News’ Good Morning America.“It was just something I wasn’t sure was ever going to happen,” Lyle said. “It was just a remarkable moment.”The two hadn’t seen each other since September 1996, when they could see each other across a prison yard but couldn’t talk to each other, Rand told ABC News. While in separate prisons, they couldn’t talk on the phone, but they would write letters to each other — sometimes playing chess by sending moves via snail mail, Rand said.On Aug. 20, 1989, Lyle, then 21, and Erik, then 18, opened fire on their parents inside their Beverly Hills mansion, using shotguns they had bought days before.In the interview, Lyle admitted he would change how he handled the aftermath of the killings.“If I could take my consciousness now and go back, I would have gone to the police and taken my chances in exposing what was happening,” he said.The pair was arrested in 1990 after their psychologist’s girlfriend went to police, claiming Erik had confessed to the murders during a session. The doctor-patient privilege was voided after Lyle threatened the doctor’s life.Lyle wishes his brother would have talked to him or a member of the clergy, instead of going to the psychologist, he told DailyMailTV.“I wish that he had just talked to me, or you know, spent more time going to his parish priest, and not ended up in, sort of this therapist’s hands,” he said.During their trial, prosecutors painted the brothers as two spoiled and privileged children who murdered their parents out of greed in an attempt to inherit the family fortune. The defense argued that they acted in self-defense after years of abuse.The first trial ended in a mistrial. In 1996, at the end of the second trial, the brothers were convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to two consecutive life prison terms without the possibility of parole.Despite everything that’s happened, the pair has “never had any moments of animosity,” Lyle told DailyMailTV.“I love him deeply,” he said. Copyright © 2018, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

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Quick Hits: Patagonia Founder Donates Trump Tax Cut Profits + Tennessee Wilderness Moves Forward

first_imgPatagonia founder to give away millions saved from Trump tax cut to fight climate changeLast week, the founder of outdoor apparel company Patagonia announced it would donate the additional $10 million in profits it received in 2018 under Trump’s new corporate tax cut to grassroots groups fighting climate change. In 2017, Trump lowered the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 21 percent. Yvon Chouinard, Patagonia’s founder, said in a statement, “our government continues to ignore the seriousness and causes of the climate crisis. It’s pure evil.” Chouinard has not been quiet about Trump’s assault on the environment. When the Trump administration reduced the size of Bear Ears and Grand Staircase Escalante National Monuments earlier this year, Patagonia sued the president. The case is ongoing and waiting to be heard in a federal court in Washington D.C. Tennessee wilderness bill expected to pass With decades of effort behind it, the Tennessee wilderness act is expected to pass after its inclusion in the farm bill. The act would protect an additional 19,558 acres of the 655,598-acre Cherokee National Forest in northeast Tennessee as wilderness under the 1964 wilderness act. The bill, which was introduced into the Congressional session by Senators Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker and sponsored in the House of Representatives by Congressman Phil Roe, would expand five existing wilderness areas within the Cherokee National Forest and create one new area. If the bill is passed, about 13 percent of Cherokee National Forest would be protected as wilderness. Wilderness designation provides the best legislative protection for federal lands by providing an overlay of restrictions that are designed to maintain the forever-wild status of the area. Facial recognition technology used to identify bears over timeApplied Conservation Science Lab in Canada’s British Columbia is working on technology that could shape the way bears are tracked and monitored in the future. In 2018 the lab was awarded a 2-year grant to support their work developing facial recognition for brown bears. At their primary field site, the lab has been collecting a database of wild bear images since the late 1990’s. These images are being used to test how the recognition system performs when analyzing images of the same bears over time. A bear’s appearance can change dramatically from spring to late fall and over successive years. The lab hopes that the technology will one day be used to improve non-invasive monitoring techniques for bears and other large mammals.last_img read more

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Dominican Republic: Ship captain arrested for alleged smuggling

first_imgBy Dialogo February 09, 2012 SAMANÁ, Dominican Republic – The captain of a vessel allegedly involved in a people-smuggling network that left at least 26 migrants dead and 21 others missing during a shipwreck has been arrested, according to the Dominican Republic navy. David Cepeda Calcaño was taken into custody this past weekend off the country’s northeastern coast. Authorities are searching for two more suspects in connection with the incident. Cepeda is a “well-known organizer” of people-smuggling trips to Puerto Rico who operates in numerous cities in northeastern Dominican Republic, the navy said. The boat carrying more than 60 illegal immigrants was bound for Puerto Rico when the weight of the passengers caused it to sink, according to survivors. Cepeda has been apprehended at least three times between 2000 and 2008 for people trafficking, the navy said. [EFE (Dominican Republic), 08/02/2012; Listin.com (Dominican Republic), 08/02/2012]last_img read more

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Talking ‘Smart Power’ With Admiral Stavridis

first_img The tools are: first, international and multi-national approaches; second, interagency approaches built upon the “three Ds“– defense, diplomacy and development; and third, public-private cooperation. If we do those three things and we use strategic communications effectively, we will be building the much needed new bridges. Now, though there will be times when we need to use hard power – because soft power with no hard power in reserve is no power at all – but smart power is the best approach to achieve desired outcomes. With one-liners like, “We are excellent at launching Tomahawk missiles; we need to get better at launching ideas,” it is not hard to appreciate why The New York Times labeled recently retired Admiral James Stavridis a “Renaissance admiral.” The former Aircraft Carrier Group Commander, author and overlord of all NATO missions, including the 2011 NATO-led operation in Libya, champions a revolutionary approach to the most vexing conflicts of our day. By Dialogo July 31, 2013 Can you give an example of where and when this has worked? Stavridis has challenged the stagnant military culture and pushed for the transformation of organizations like U.S. Southern Command from an old school military planning citadel to an agile organization better able to “plug ‘n play” with non-traditional partners. The admiral believes the U.S. can help partners to end conflict quickly, reconstruct and then develop through the application of “smart power”: the effective combination of soft power (diplomacy and development) and hard power (military might). Do you believe there needs to be a de-emphasis on the kinetic dimension of counter-terrorism and a focus on ameliorating vexing and deep-rooted problems in fragile states? There are technical tools that can be used, including the polling of populations, traditional media and social networks monitoring, and the professional judgment of trained professionals on our in-country teams. With these tools, you can fairly effectively determine how well our approach is working. In addition, there are simply “outcomes.” Take Colombia, for example. I don’t think anyone would look at Colombia today and say that it is failing. This positive outcome is an example of the effective application of smart power – it is succeeding. In the 21st century, we can’t create security by building walls. In the 20th century, we built a lot of walls – we endlessly tried to build walls between us and people we perceived, correctly or incorrectly, as our enemies. In the 21st century, because of the advent of networks, the free movement of goods and people across the globe, we need to build security by building bridges instead of building walls. Smart power is the short hand for a collection of tools that allow us to do that. Stavridis recently retired from military service after a 37-year career. He now serves as Dean of the Fletcher School at Tufts University and as the chairman of the board of the U.S. Naval Institute. We recently discussed his thoughts on 21st century “smart power” and counter-terrorism. The following are highlights from the interview: Colombia 10 to 15 years ago was a lot like Afghanistan is today, but through the application of smart power, today we have productive negotiations ongoing between the main Colombian rebel faction, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia and the government of Colombia. A second example is the Balkans. In the 1990s, tens of thousands of people were killed due to ethnic hatreds, and a million people were pushed across borders, becoming refugees. Through the application of smart power, and some measure of hard power, we were able to stabilize the situation and bring peace to the region. What are the principal tools of smart power? As the former Commander of both U.S. Southern Command and U.S. European Command, you placed heavy emphasis on smart power approaches. Why? How do you measure the success of this approach? I think you have to do both. In any insurgency there will be people who are irreconcilable and who pose a clear and present threat to the U.S. and our allies. Those people have to be dealt with using hard power, but I think that the broader effort in counter-terrorism needs to be addressed with smart power approaches in order to adequately deal with grievances like unemployment, lack of health care and entrenched hatreds. You can’t kill your way to success in a counter insurgency effort. You have to protect the people, get the civil military balance right, train the locals, and practice effective strategic communications. Mr. James Stravidis is totally right, for countries to avoid conflicts it’s not necessary to make war, all they need is to use intelligent power, defense, diplomacy, and development, these are the key tools for a country’s stabilitylast_img read more

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Franklin County Community Foundation plans public open house

first_imgBrookville, In. — The Franklin County Community Foundation invites the public to an open house on Wednesday, December 5 from 5 to 7 p.m. at the office at 577 Main Street in Brookville.The event is intended to honor the generous volunteers and contributors to the foundation.For more information please call 765-647-6810.-0-last_img

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Peak Milk Donates Wheelchair Accessible Bus to Nigeria Para-powerlifting Federation

first_img” FrieslandCampina WAMCO has remained a reliable and supportive partner of the Nigeria Para-powerlifting Federation; by this donation, the company has opened up space for greater inclusion in sports development in Nigeria,” Dalung said.The Managing Director, Ben Langat, in his introductory speech highlighted the company’s support to the Nigeria Para-powerlifting Federation and clearly explains FrieslandCampina WAMCO’s purpose as a company and the belief that every Nigeria has the right to reach for their Peak.“By empowering our Unstoppable Para-powerlifters, the Peak brand is enabling Nigerians to reach for their Peak. We designed the ‘Unstoppable Campaign’ to tell the story of this remarkable set of people who have continued to break new grounds in spite of their physical limitations. Peak has touched the lives of many Nigerians with this campaign. It has become so powerful and is receiving very positive testimonials from consumers, Langat said.The bus presentation is coming barely a week after the para-powerlifters won a total of 42 medals (20 Gold, 15 Silver and 7 Bronze) at the just concluded World Para-powerlifting Competition held in Lagos. This is seen as increased motivation for the athletes to reach for the peak’ at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics games.Last year, Peak Milk renovated the powerlifting gym at the National Stadium, Lagos and provided world-class training equipment with full wheel chair accessibility.The brand also donated 15 sport wheel chairs to the athletes and sponsored the para-powerlifters to the 9th Fazza Championship in Dubai, UAE in 2018, where they won four gold medals.The athletes have been constantly nourished with monthly supplies of Peak Milk since December 2016 till date.Share this:FacebookRedditTwitterPrintPinterestEmailWhatsAppSkypeLinkedInTumblrPocketTelegram FrieslandCampina WAMCO Nigeria Plc, makers of Peak milk, presented a new mobility bus with wheelchair access to the Nigeria Para-powerlifting Federation on Tuesday at the company’s headquarters in Lagos, thus fulfilling its promise to the Para-powerlifters.The International Paralympic Committee-approved mobility bus seats 12 people and 15 wheel chairs. This first of its kind mobility bus in Nigeria is equipped with automated lifts and other features to ensure convenience and the safety of athletes.At the presentation, the Honourable Minister of Youth and Sports Development, Solomon Dalung, who was represented by the Permanent Secretary, Olusade Adesola said: “With this donation, FrieslandCampina WAMCO has elongated its catalogue of support to the Para-powerlifting team who has continued to contribute positively to Nigeria through global para-sports. Para powerlifers and their coaches with the new buslast_img read more

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Ex-England star left homeless

first_imgThe 54-year-old was once a mainstay of the Three Lions side, winning 86 international caps between 1979 and 1988.The full-back also starred at the 1982 and 1986 World Cups.But, gambling and drink problems have seen the former Arsenal player end up on the streets.Despite once earning more than £1,000 per week and living in a £1m mansion, Sansom is now penniless.He revealed he has been homeless for 10 days, blaming his addiction troubles.“I am just a drunk. I drink as much as I can get,” he told a tabloid paper. Both the Professional Footballers’ Association and Arsenal are trying to help Sansom.His sister Mary had also been offering him a refuge until recently.Since retiring, Sansom had become a media pundit in between spells in rehab.Having begun his career at Crystal Palace before moving to Arsenal, Sansom also played for Newcastle, QPR, Coventry, Everton, Brentford and Watford.He is England’s second most-capped full-back of all-time, behind Chelsea star Ashley Cole.last_img read more

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CAL Bank rescues Ghana Beach Soccer

first_imgThe headline sponsor of the Ghana Beach Soccer Championship league, CAL Bank, has once again come to the rescue of the country’s fastest growing sport. It is expected that the financial institution will announce a top-up for Ghana beach soccer in addition to the existing package for the domestic league which has been running since 2011. Although GHc44,000 is seen as relatively conservative for a bank, the amount for the national team is expected to be considerably higher. Last year, CAL Bank bailed out the national beach soccer team by sponsoring their flight to Morocco for the African Championship in El Jadida. With the Black Sharks now ranked number 10 in African beach soccer and making positive strides, it will not be a surprise to see other players from corporate Ghana investing in the team. Meanwhile, a contingent of 10 players, two coaches a medical officer and three beach soccer officials is expected in Accra Monday from Lagos.  Ghana conceded 18 goals at Copa Lagos which is three less than in Morocco. The team scored 11 which is four more than their last international outing.last_img read more

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Dodger Stadium offered for site of Golovkin-Alvarez

first_imgOther strong contenders to host what figures to be a blockbuster event are AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas and T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Newsroom GuidelinesNews TipsContact UsReport an Error Eric Gomez, president of Golden Boy Promotions, on Saturday confirmed a report that Magic Johnson and the Dodgers have made an offer to host the Sept. 16 middleweight title fight between champion Gennady Golovkin of Kazakhstan and Canelo Alvarez of Mexico at Dodger Stadium.De La Hoya told the L.A. Times that he had a conversation with Johnson on Friday. Gomez said that talk came after he had three with Dodgers executive vice-president and chief marketing officer Lon Rosen.“I had the initial talks with Lon and we set up a call with Magic and Oscar and Magic spoke with Oscar yesterday,” Gomez said Saturday afternoon. “They’re very interested.”Gomez said he could not get into specifics about the proposal, “But it’s a very interesting offer. It’s something we’re going to explore. They’re very serious.”last_img read more

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Basketball players from Sanski Most are the champions of the basketball league of the Una-Sana Canton

first_imgIn a derby match of the last round of the Cantonal league of the Una-Sana Canton in basketball for seniors , OKK ”Sana” won against the team ” Limometal” from Cazin with the result of 81: 76. With this victory, the team from Sanski Most has qualified in the higher ranks of the competition, namely in the A2 League of the Federation of B&H.The host of this match was the team from Cazin, which dominated the first half of the match and had a better result. After the break, in the third quarter of the match the result was even, leading both teams to make a lot of mistakes. Towards the end of the last quarter of the game, the team from Sanki Most played better and were more engaged in their defense positions as well as more efficient in their strikes. At the end of the match OKK ”Sana” celebrated their victory, while the team from Cazin suffered a great defeat.The coach of OKK ”Sana” Emir Lasić said that the engagement of all players has contributed to this victory. In the next season the team of OKK ”Sana” will compete at higher ranks, namely in the A2 League of the Federation of B&H. This means that more qualified basketball players will be coming to the team from Sanski Most.last_img read more

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Mason City man faces numerous charges after allegedly forging checks to buy lottery tickets, other items

first_imgMASON CITY —A Mason City man is facing ongoing criminal conduct charges.Authorities say 41-year-old Michael Rasmussen was arrested on Thursday in the 1200 block of Plymouth Road. Police say between January and May of this year, Rasmussen forged 24 stolen checks totaling $3225, with many of those being used to illegally purchase lottery tickets and other items. Rasmussen also allegedly wrote $1000 worth of checks from his own personal account that was closed. Authorities say when Rasmussen was arrested, he was allegedly found to have methamphetamine in a chewing tobacco tin.Online court records show Rasmussen has been charged with five counts of forgery, one count of ongoing criminal conduct, and one count of possession of a controlled substance second offense.Rasmussen is being held in the Cerro Gordo County Jail on a total of $12,300 bond. He’s due in court for his preliminary appearance next Friday.last_img read more

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Jay-Z: Bringing Nets to Brooklyn an American dream

first_imgNEW YORK (AP)—Jay-Z has accomplished a lot in his career, but his latest feat has him feeling that like he’s living the American dream.The 42-year-old music mogul and entrepreneur says when he was a poor kid in the New York City borough of Brooklyn, he never imagined that he’d someday own a piece of a basketball team. Now Jay is an investor in the Brooklyn Nets and instrumental in moving the franchise from New Jersey. “Yeah I think I’m the American dream,” Jay-Z said. “That whole thing that you could come here and pull yourself up by the bootstraps, like that whole thing what America has always put up to the world that we represent. I feel that. Yes, I’ve lived that.” He feels his rags-to-riches story embodies all that is possible in America. by John CarucciAssociated Press Writercenter_img LIVING THE DREAM—In this file March 11, 2010, file photo, Jay-Z attends the groundbreaking ceremony for the Barclays Center in the Brooklyn borough of New York, new home to the Brooklyn Nets NBA basketball team. Bringing a major sports franchise back to Brooklyn makes Jay-Z feel he’s living the American dream and before his new team takes to the court, the rapper will christen the new arena with an eight show run beginning on Friday, Sept. 28 (AP Photo/Seth Wenig, File) Jay-Z made the comments at the launch party for the upcoming NBA 2K13 video game, where he acted as the game’s executive producer.As a child, he says, he dreamed of glory on the basketball court.“You know the three-two-one, oh, he hits the winning shot,” Jay-Z said. “But no one was ever on the court saying I was gonna own the Knicks. Yes, it’s way beyond any of my wildest dreams.”Now as an investor in the Nets, he’s even designed the team’s black and white logo. Brooklyn has not had a major professional sports team since the Brooklyn Dodgers left for Los Angeles after the 1957 baseball season.Rapper Bow Wow, who appears in the video game, says he’s always looked up to Jay-Z, but the move to bring the Nets to Brooklyn immortalizes him.“I think that’s the biggest inspirational thing for any kid growing up in any ghetto and any suburb, and you can do whatever you want to do as long as you put your mind to it. That’s a great man to follow, right there,” Bow Wow said.As for his success with music, fashion with his brand Rocawear and now a video game, Jay says his creativity is all over the place.“When you’re an artist, you can see greatness in all things, and you say, man, I wonder if I can try and tinker with that and maybe if we put the music into (NBA)2K and bring those two cultures” together, Jay Z-said. They “were cousins already, so why not bring the family together and let them sit at the same table?”The Brooklyn Nets will play in the newly built Barclays Center. But before his new team takes the court for the first time, the rapper will christen the new arena with an eight-show run beginning Friday.(John Carucci covers entertainment for The Associated Press. Follow him at http://www.twitter.com/jcarucci_ap)last_img read more

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Baseball been very, very good to ex-Nelson Leaf

first_imgOn September 1, 2007, Morgan made his major league debut for the Pittsburgh Pirates against the Milwaukee Brewers as a late-season call-up. Morgan played for three MLB teams, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh and Washington.  Morgan played as an “AP” as a 16-year-old with the Vernon Vipers during the 1996-1997 season.Morgan bounced around the junior hockey leagues before deciding on baseball.He played in North Okanagan in 1996-1997 season, getting a cup of coffee with the Vipers that season.Morgan then played for George Cochrane when the Leafs left the KIJHL for a handful of seasons to try Junior A in the Rocky Mountain League.Morgan, who was lightning quick on skates, played the following season in the Pacific Coast Junior League with Delta Ice Hawks before landing with Regina of the WHL.He finished that season in Prince George with the Spruce Kings.Morgan agreed to a $1.6 million contract with the Yokohama BayStars of Japan’s Central League. A former Nelson Leaf hockey player has been signed by a Japanese baseball team.Nyjer Morgan, who toiled in Nelson when the hockey franchise played in the Rocky Mountain Junior A Hockey League in the late 90s, has signed with apan’s Central League’s Yokohama BayStars for the 2013-14 season.Morgan who played the last two seasons with the MLB Milwaukee Brewers before electing free agency, a day after the Brewers hastened his departure by outrighting him from the 40-man roster. On March 27, 2011, Morgan was traded to the Brewers in exchange for prospect Cutter Dykstra (son of baseball player Lenny Dykstra). Morgan was drafted by the Pittsburgh Pirates in the 33rd round of the 2002 Major League Baseball Draft.last_img read more

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first_imgARCADIA, Calif. (Jan. 30, 2016)–With the red and white colors of California’s legendary Old English Rancho flying proudly, What a View assumed command turning for home and took Saturday’s $250,000 California Cup Turf Classic, presented by City National Bank, by an impressive 3 ¼ lengths under Kent Desormeaux. Trained by former rider Kenny Black, the 5-year-old California-bred gelding by Vronsky got a mile and one eighth on turf in 1:47.39.A restrained second to pacesetter Image of Joplin into and around the far turn, What a View made the lead well within himself a quarter mile from home and was clearly best among a field of 12 older horses bred or sired in the Golden State.“Kent knows what’s he’s doing, he’s won a few more of these than I have,” said Black, who registered his biggest win as a conditioner in the Classic. “He knows this horse. I always thought he was better when he (What a View) has one to run at.”Hammered in the late betting, What a View was off at 4-1 and paid $10.20, $4.60 and $4.00.“I had a firm hold,” said Desormeaux. “I was surprised to see him accelerate again at the quarter pole. Kenny told me in the paddock that it’s not hot air, he’s never had a horse doing doing so well. He’s had some issues, but the issues are no longer and he sure ran like it.“I was surprised. They’re not supposed to have anything left when they pull like that.”Out of the Manila mare, Oceans N Mountains, What a View was bred by Old English Rancho, Patsy and Sal Berumen and is owned by Patsy and Sal Berumen, Robert Riggio and the Elwood Johnston Trust. In getting his first stakes win, What a View notched his fourth career win from 10 starts and with the winner’s share of $137,500, increased his earnings to $294,148.“I grew up with this,” said an emotional Mary Johnston Hilvers, whose father, Elwood “Buddy” Johnston of Old English Rancho, passed away last year. “Obviously, when we lost dad so unexpectedly and suddenly, there were questions on whether we’d be able to keep it going. My son, Johnny, has done such a fabulous job. It’s a family thing. My husband, my daughter…We really want to carry on my dad’s legacy and my grandmother’s.“We’ve got a lot of good, young horses coming up. I’m excited for my mom (Judy Johnston). I wish I would have made her come with me today.”Favored Alert Bay bobbled at the break, saved ground into the far turn and proved second best, finishing 1 ¼ lengths in front of Boozer. Off at 2-1 with Martin Garcia up, Alert Bay paid $4.20 and $3.00.Ridden by Gary Stevens, Boozer, who showed good speed from his number 11 post position, was rank into the first turn and proved game for third money, finishing a half length in front of Poshky.   Boozer was off at 10-1 and paid $5.60 to show.Fractions on the race were 23.32, 46.70, 1:10.39 and 1:35.06.First post time on Sunday at Santa Anita is at 12:30 p.m. Admission gates open at 10:30 a.m. 27TH RUNNING OF DEFINING RACE FOR CAL-BREDS PRESENTED BY CITY NATIONAL BANK –last_img read more