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Dan Grimm Retires from Fire Department

first_imgGrimm RetiresAs poet Geoffrey Chaucer once penned “All good things must come to an end.” That was Grimm’s sentiment as he wraps up 28 ½ years on the department this week. Grimm, the department’s PIO for most of the last 16 years will retire on July 10th and says it’s very bittersweet. “Most people can’t say they have a job they truly enjoy most of the time, let alone love.”“I will certainly miss seeing the guys, but I intend to stay active in the union and that should help keep me connected” said Grimm. People keep asking him, what are your plans? Simple. Enjoy life! “I’ve got 5 grandkids that all play sports and that keeps my wife and I very busy.” When asked if July 10th was a special date, he said not really but by coincidence it was exactly 17 years ago that he became Chief Administrative Officer and came to the Administration.Beside Chief of Administration and PIO, Grimm has been assigned as Fire Suppression Chief, EMS Chief, Fire Merit Commission Liaison, Chief of Training, Chief of Operations, Chief Fire Marshal, and Chief of Health & Safety. Many hats to be sure, but his favorite is PIO. “I’ve made many friends in the media over the years. Most have come and gone but I occasionally see a few from way back when” Grimm said.First order of business after you retire? “A nice dinner with my wife and then start on those long ignored projects around the house and of course lots of sporting events.”Beside the accomplishments above, Grimm has been on the Firefighter’s Local 357 Executive Board, founding member and past Commander of the Honor Guard, 1998 Greenriver Kiwanis Firefighter of the Year, an EMT-B for 28+ years, an EMT-PI (Primary Instructor) for 25 years and holds 18 IDHS/FBSD* recognized certifications.Godspeed Chief Grimm!*Indiana Dept. of Homeland Security/Fire & Building Safety DivisionFacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more

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