Llamazares: “It will be harder to beat Valencia than Atleti”

first_imgAnd another team arrives that will play the round of 16 of the Champions League, Valencia. How many options does your team have to give the second ‘Culturalazo’ followed?The same as the other day: few. And if we already see the match that Valencia made against Barcelona we are even more scared. Once it is difficult to give but already two. It is normal for Second B teams to go hyper-motivated and perhaps the First teams, somewhat relaxed, thinking that it will be easy. But I guess that Valencia is not going to happen because they are already aware of what happened to Atlético here. Therefore, I think it will be more difficult to win against Valencia than Atlético. I have many Valencian friends. Among them, Martín Labarta, Valencia Basket delegate, who is going through bad times and I send him a hug from here.But they have a spectacular hobby, as seen last Wednesday …A lot of people will come, just like last Wednesday. In León there is a moment of euphoria and you have to take advantage of it. People are going to cheer up a lot and have a great time. Is the stadium going to be filled?No, we have a hard time filling it. But we do want to match at least the capacity before Atlético: about 12,200 spectators. Today (yesterday) 3,500 tickets had already been sold and there were queues throughout the day. Also, I think people will come from Valencia. The hour is worse than the other day but the rush of victory will make many who did not come this time, against Valencia. What is the current radiography of the Cultural?In 2012 I entered a club about to disappear, with many embargoes and in the Third Division. We went up to Second with economic hardships and managed to sell the club to Aspire, through José Lasa, who knew him from the world of basketball. It was in 2014-15. The club had 1,800 members and now it has 6,800. Three years ago we managed to ascend to Second and then we went down by one goal. Now we have made a team, according to the category, to go up to Second again.And how does a former ACB referee for 25 years run a football club?I had a sports management company and in the end it’s all the same. A sponsor asked me to enter 2012 and until today.With a Qatari owner, how is communication with him?In the day to day we deal with the people of Aspire in Madrid. The president is in Qatar. We plan and we try everything to agree. The ratio is 10. They give us a lot of freedom.Since last Wednesday you have become famous?The truth is that the victory against Atlético has had more impact than the promotion or when we played in the Cup against Madrid or Barça. It was crazy after that victory.center_img After winning at Atlético, his team fell to Athletic B. Are you afraid that all this euphoria of the Cup will degrade your team from the true objective?No, because last Wednesday, eight players played against Atlético who played two games they didn’t play, a goalkeeper who had only played one game. Many players played against Athletic B who did not play in the Cup.Having a rich owner, what the lockers fix the season financially does not go with you …Yes man. Everything that is to reduce the deficit and that the owner has to put less, much better.last_img read more

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