Mayoral Canididate Gail Riecken Speech About City Finances

first_imgPlease take time and vote in today’s “Readers Poll”. Don’t miss reading today’s Feature articles because they are always an interesting read. New addition to the CCO is the Cause of Death reports generated by the Vanderburgh County Health Department.Copyright 2015 City County Observer. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailShare Thank you everyone for joining me this morning.In 2014 & 2015, Mayor Winnecke stood in front of the Evansville Rotary Club, and declared the State of the City to be strong.  However, it has become clear to me that the State of our City’s finances is anything but strong.Today, I want you to understand why we should all be concerned about our city finances.The starting balance of years 2013 going forward of the General Fund is plummeting.In 2013 & 2014, the Mayor spent more money than he took in, and he isn’t paying all our bills.  His administration are playing a shell game, moving funds from one city account to another at the right moment to show a positive balance.The Mayor’s Controller admitted this in a City Council meeting on April 13th.  He stated it was the administration’s “plan to have a positive balance”.   The pre-mature transfer of $2.5 million from the Water & Sewer Utility to the General Fund is but one example of shell game tactics.These shell game tactics have resulted in the city using today’s money to pay yesterday’s debts.So instead of fixing the leaky roof, we are paying for car repairs done 6 months ago.Following this trend, where do we end up in 2016?We must change the way we do business, and not let wasteful spending hold us back.The current administration has become all flash and no substance. Instead of looking at our dwindling General Fund Balance and trying to fix the problem, the Administration simply attempts to cover up the fact that a problem exists.  We can do better.The residents of Evansville need to hold their elected officials accountable.  The Mayor and his administration keep spending our money on irresponsible and foolish measures, which has cost the city millions of dollars.  These measures show a lack of leadership.  It is a lack of leadership that has placed us in the financial situation we find our city in today.It was a lack of leadership in the Mayor’s Department of Metropolitan Development that caused the city to drastically overpay to the tune of $535,000 for the old CVS Building on Columbia & North Main.It was a lack of leadership on the Mayor himself that lead to $200,000 in our tax dollars being thrown away to Earth Care Energy.  It was a lack of leadership that has led to the city spending at least $1.6 million on multiple failed attempts to build a Convention Hotel.The Mayor needs to be held responsible for the fact that the city’s funds are being mismanaged.  The buck stops with him.We as a city are on the brink of financial peril.  We must admit that we have a spending problem, and begin the work to fix the problem.  We need a leader who is willing to admit these issues that we face.  For if we cannot admit our problems, we cannot begin to solve them.We must ensure the financial future of our city.  I will work tirelessly as your next mayor to ensure this, not for ourselves, but for my children and grandchildren.  My two daughters,  Julia Belle and Katie, and my 3, soon to be 4 grandchildren, deserve the best Evansville we can give them.  It is our duty to leave our children and grandchildren a city better than it was left for us.Our moment is now.  Our mission is clear.  And our opportunity is in front of usThank you.Gail Riecken Candidate for the Mayor of Evansvillelast_img read more

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