Former Adviser Accuses Saudi Arabia of Approving Assassination of Arafat

Rabat – A former adviser to Palestinian President Yasser Arafat, Bassam Abou Sharif, has said Saudi Arabia allowed the decision to assassinate Arafat.In an interview with Shehab News Agency, Sharif said, “The former US President George Bush spoke with the Saudi regime after a meeting with the former Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon, during which Arafat’s assassination was discussed, and the Saudi regime agreed.”Sharif added that Saudi Arabia agreed to the assassination of Arafat because he “became an obstacle to peace and the implementation of the Arab peace initiative.” He added that he has documents on the White House meeting between Bush and Sharon.Sharon told the former US president, according to Sharif , that “he could no longer keep his promise of not physically attacking Yasser Arafat because he was (leading terrorism) and collaborating with Hamas, and that Hamas operations would be implemented with the approval of Arafat.”Sharif added that Bush remained silent and nodded his head, approving Sharon’s plan.Following the meeting, Bush contacted his long-time regional partner, Saudi Arabia, and informed them of the decision. Sharif continued that Saudi Arabia agreed.Sharif said that his new book, titled “Assamak Al Malih” (Salty Fish), contains many secrets regarding the assassination of the former president of Palestine and the assassination of Hamas founder Ahmed Yassin.Arafat died unexpectedly on November 11, 2004, at the age of 75 at a hospital near Paris shortly after being admitted, due to unknown causes. The cause of his death has been debated since then. There was much speculation that Israel was behind the death of Arafat.The New York Post reported in January of this year that Sharon ordered Yasser Arafat’s assassination. read more

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