Boart Longyear embarks on global expansion of Mine Water Services

first_imgBoart Longyear has embarked on an expansion of its Mine Water Services to Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific. Over the last 25 years, Boart Longyear Drilling Services has developed and honed an effective reverse circulation method in North America, and, it says, “has established the leading process within the industry while creating the most highly specialised crews in the world. It uses “a unique process which is capable of drilling large diameter holes in the most difficult ground conditions in a single-pass,” said Dale Johnson, Global Director of Drilling Services Operations for Boart Longyear.“Drilling a large diameter borehole in a single-pass versus multiple passes, which can degrade the borehole, improves the likelihood of drilling a straight borehole to target depth successfully. Our unique method of drilling and completing wells provides better overall well efficiency and production-ultimately saving our client’s downtime and money over the life of a well.”Boart Longyear offers a full range of mine and other water services drilling. This includes production, de-watering, re-injection, monitoring, geothermal, and municipal wells. In North America, Boart Longyear also provides pump installation and servicing.“Our documented procedures create reliable and effective large diameter and deep hole drilling systems,” says Johnson. “Our water well services in the mining industry are primarily utilised for monitoring water tables in and around the mine, water supply needed in the mining process and/or lowering water tables to allow safe and efficient mining. We also install piezometers and other instrumentation holes for ground monitoring, and horizontal drains to eliminate perched water causing pressure on mine pit walls.”Boart Longyear has assembled an international strategic operations team that is currently training drill crews from Russia, Kazakhstan and Peru.last_img read more

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