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Doctor knots

first_imgDoctors talk. And whom they talk with affects how they practice.Harvard researchers who have pioneered the study of social networks have developed a method to determine the effect of those conversational connections on cost and quality of care across the nation. Their work is reported in the latest issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).Led by Nicholas Christakis, a professor in the sociology department in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, and of medical sociology at Harvard Medical School, researchers mined Medicare claims data to find the links that bind doctors into networks. Just as “birds of a feather flock together,” doctors tend to share information with others similar to themselves in age and background — and to treat patients similar to those treated by other doctors in their networks. The networks vary widely in size, cost, and quality of care.“This is yet another illustration of what network science has to offer,” Christakis said. “It’s like we suddenly have a telescope that lets us see the structure of physician networks in a new way.”Christakis and his team needed a new, objective way to track ties between doctors and patients because “doctors don’t respond to surveys.” So they turned to Medicare insurance claim records. The researchers took a sample of 4,586,044 patients and 68,288 doctors, from 51 regions of the United States covering 20 percent of the country and nearly 100 percent of Medicare claims filed in those regions in 2006. The average age of patients was 70.7.Because elderly people receive more medical care than the young, this “enriched sample” of elderly patients provided deep insight into ties among doctors and patients, said Bruce Landon, a professor of health care policy at Harvard Medical School and first author of the study.In his office at Harvard Medical School, Landon showed a reporter an image of red, purple, and yellow circles connected by lines. One swarm of dots represented Albuquerque, N.M., the other Minneapolis/St. Paul. The lines connecting the dots represented patients shared by two doctors: the thicker the line, the more shared patients. The algorithm that created the chart is called a “spring embedder,” Landon said. It treats the “edges” (links between doctors) like a wire spring: the thicker the line, the stronger the pull, and the tighter the dots get pulled together. In tightly connected networks such as those in St. Paul, where doctors share patients across hospitals, the doctors clump into tight bundles, while in loosely connected networks, such as those in Albuquerque, the networks are discrete clusters, each centered on separate hospitals.Visualizing these networks allowed the researchers to see variations in medical practice between regions: Where doctors are talking and where they aren’t. Doctors showed a tendency to share patients with others similar to themselves: doctors with ties tended to be close in age, affiliated with the same hospital, and in close proximity, and their patients were similar in terms of race, class, and illness-burden. Doctors were more likely to share patients with other physicians who attended the same medical school or residency program, and linked doctors tended to have similar “practice intensity” — meaning their charges were similar. The networks also show, Christakis said, “how variations in doctor network structure reflect different power dynamics.” Primary care physicians in some regions, for example, were five times more central to their network than in other regions: general practitioners have huge influence in areas such as Boston and Miami, but less in Joliet, Ill.Whether innovations spread across an area may depend on physician conversational networks, Christakis said. Doctors learn about new procedures or drugs by talking to other doctors, he said; if one well-connected doctor knows a new technology or technique, the innovation may ripple through a whole network of doctors — and jump from one network to another. Researchers are able to identify physician influencers, “network leaders,” simply by seeing which doctors are most “central” to a network, most connected by patient-sharing to other general practitioners, surgeons, and medical specialists. If “network leaders” can be found, then new medical information can be more easily disseminated among doctors.The study is part of a larger trend to analyze “big data’’: a focus on using computational social science methods to analyze information from databases such as Facebook and LinkedIn. This is the first time these tools have been applied to physician networks at a national scale.“The fact that regions vary meaningfully is what matters,” Christakis said, “and it opens up new ways to understand variation in physician practice, determinants of health care quality, and the adoption of beneficial and harmful practices by groups of interconnected doctors.”To view the article.last_img read more

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Student government discusses Four Loko

first_imgThe University will investigate the dangers of alcoholic energy drinks like Four Loko, a caffeinated, alcoholic beverage with 12 percent alcohol content, and discuss whether banning such drinks from campus would be the right move, a University representative said at Monday’s Campus Life Council (CLC) meeting. Assistant vice president for Student Affairs Brian Coughlin asked council members to participate in the committee that will decide how to handle Four Loko on campus. “We do not want to make this decision in a vacuum,” Coughlin said. “We want to have conversations about what is the best step for the University of Notre Dame and what is best for our students.” The committee would discuss how to educate students about the dangers of a drink like Four Loko and whether a ban on the product would be right for Notre Dame’s campus. Coughlin said the mixture of alcohol with caffeine makes alcoholic energy drinks like Four Loko particularly dangerous to students. Students over the legal drinking age of 21 may possess or consume drinks of less than 14 percent alcohol content in residence halls, and hard alcohol is banned from dorms, according to the student handbook, du Lac. “Technically Four Loko falls within the parameters of our alcohol policy for students over 21,” Coughlin said. “Right now the allowing [of] the drink goes on a hall-by-hall basis where each rector decides.” But Coughlin said the University’s interest in researching the effects of Four Loko was sparked by recent incidents on campus. “This was born out of a high number of ambulance runs in the past few weeks,” he said. “The uptick of hospitalization was a catalyst for this conversation.” Several universities and state governments banned Four Loko as the risks of the drink became apparent, he said. Rectors on the council said they saw these dangers in their dorms as well. Stanford rector Fr. Tom Gaughan said his hall staff put out a word of caution to their students when he first learned about the product Four Loko. “To put a stimulant and a depressant in your body at the same time is a health risk,” Gaughan said. “And despite our efforts to warn students it has not deterred appearances in the halls.” Council members debated whether a ban would only increase interest instead of preventing students from drinking Four Loko. Student body vice president Andrew Bell said students looking to experience alcohol to an extreme would be drawn even more to Four Loko after a ban. “If something like this is banned, it is banned because it is dangerous,” Bell said. “As a side effect, because it is banned, people might do it more behind closed doors.” Educating students on the health risks of Four Loko will be a focus on campus whether or not the product is banned, Coughlin said. “I would hope that whatever the committee decides to do as police is not the end of the story,” Gaughan said. “That is one part of the story, but the other part is ongoing education.” The committee is unsure about whether the drink will be banned but will consider all the options, Coughlin said. “Ultimately we are going to make the best decision we can for the health and safety of the student body,” Coughlin said.last_img read more

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Plant Protection

first_imgTo help protect landscape plants from Georgia’s cold temperatures, University of Georgia Extension experts recommend using plastic, straw and, strangely enough, water. Cover with sheets or plasticCovering tender outdoor plants during the winter is not always effective or practical. Covering can help, but only if done right. Improper covering can be worse than no covering at all. Covers that extend to the ground and do not contact plant foliage can lessen cold injury by reducing radiant heat loss from the plant and the ground. Foliage that touches the cover is often injured because of heat transfer from the foliage to the colder cover. Examples of coverings include cloth sheets, black plastic and quilts. Remove plastic covers during the day or provide ventilation for trapped heat, as this can damage the plants you worked so hard to save. A light bulb placed under a cover is a simple way to provide extra heat to ornamental plants. Cover with wheat or pine strawWheat straw or pine straw can be scattered loosely over vegetable crops to help protect them. It can probably be left in place during cloudy cold days, but remove it if the next day gets hot. Newspapers and paper towels can also be used to cover plant rows. Sawdust can be applied to cover seedlings, but will probably need to be removed the next day with a leaf blower. Using water to insulate plants Watering landscape plants before freezing temperatures arrive can help protect plants. Well-watered soil absorbs more heat during the day than dry soil and will reradiate heat at night. This practice can create a warmer micro climate in your planting beds, raising the night time temps near plants by as much as two degrees. However, prolonged saturated soil conditions damage the root systems of most plants. Ornamental plants can be protected during a freeze by sprinkling the plants’s themselves with water. Sprinkling water for cold protection helps keep leaf surface temperatures near 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Latent heat is released when water changes from a liquid to a solid state. So begin sprinkling as freezing temperatures are reached and continue until thawing is completed. Water must be evenly distributed and supplied in ample quantity to maintain a film of liquid water on the foliage surfaces. Keep in mind this may mean leaving the water on all night. Alternatively, someone may have to stay awake to determine when to turn the water on and off. Place an accurate thermometer near the plant that is to be protected, not on the house six or more feet above the ground. Irrigating for several days may soak the soil resulting in damaged root systems and plant breakage due to ice build up. After the freezing temperatures have passed, check the plants’ water needs. The foliage may lose water vapor on a sunny day after a freeze while water in the soil may be unavailable to the plant because it remains frozen. Apply water to thaw the soil and provide available water for the plant. Recovering from the freezeDelay severely pruning plants until new growth appears to ensure live wood is not removed. Dead, unsightly leaves may be removed as soon as they turn brown after a freeze if a high level of maintenance is desired. New growth and young branch tips may be damaged while older wood is free of injury. Cold injured wood will be black or brown and can be found by examining the cambium layer (food conducting tissue) under the bark. Prune cold injured branches behind the point of discoloration. Visit for more information about landscape care in Georgia.last_img read more

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Digital strategies for recruiting top talent

first_img 8SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr You believe in your company, your product, and your employees, and work hard to provide a positive work environment. However, it may be a challenge to promote your company’s culture and atmosphere to job candidates who have never interacted directly with your company. To maintain the positive work environment you’ve worked so hard to create and find top talent to fill your job openings, take a closer look at your digital strategies for recruitment before you post anything online.Here are five proven digital strategies to optimize your website and third party recruitment profiles to find the right people to fill your vacancies.Write Accurate and Honest Job DescriptionsThis may seem like an elementary tip, but it’s astonishing how many companies simply copy similar job descriptions from other companies, throw in some buzzwords and jargon, and call it done. This apparent time-saver can harm you in the long run by creating confusion, receiving unqualified applicants (or even no applicants at all), and potentially unhappy future employees who feel they’ve been duped by a misleading job description. continue reading »last_img read more

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NAFCU continues push for reg relief ahead of Trump’s SOTU

first_img 8SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr Ahead of President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address tonight, NAFCU is calling for increased regulatory relief for the credit union industry. NAFCU is actively engaged with the administration and Congress, federal regulators and other stakeholders to find ways to reduce the amount of regulations with which credit unions must comply.NAFCU, along with other financial trades, sent a letter Monday to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., and Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., urging them to bring a bipartisan regulatory relief package to the Senate floor for a vote.The Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief and Consumer Protection Act (S. 2155) includes several NAFCU-backed provisions, including one to provide relief under the member business lending (MBL) cap and certain Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) disclosure requirements. The Senate Banking Committee reported the bill late last year and it awaits action before the full Senate. continue reading »last_img read more

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Virgin Australia seeks A$1.4 billion government rescue loan

first_imgRead also: Transportation operators support planned ‘mudik’ ban but expect government support“The support we’ve proposed will be necessary for the industry if this crisis continues indefinitely,” Virgin Australia said in a statement.Qantas Airways Ltd., which has also stopped overseas services, has said any financial help from the government should be given to the industry rather than individual entities. The government has so far given aid to the sector — including Qantas, Virgin and regional airlines — valued at about A$1 billion.According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Qantas has told the Australian government that it, in turn, would expect a A$4.2 billion loan to ensure any industry bailout is proportionate. Qantas’ revenue is about triple that of Virgin.Read also: AirAsia Indonesia suspends all flights starting April 1Virgin Australia is proposing a two- to three-year loan that would convert into equity for the government if not repaid, said a person familiar with the matter, who asked not be identified because the details haven’t been made public.Mathias Cormann, Australia’s finance minister, told ABC Radio on Tuesday that “it’s not our plan to take a stake in an airline” but said the government aimed to have two viable carriers competing with each other after the crisis.Topics : Virgin Australia Holdings Ltd. asked the government for a A$1.4 billion (US$863 million) loan to get through the coronavirus crisis.The airline, which is mostly owned by other foreign carriers, sought the aid as part of a A$5 billion support package it’s seeking for the Australian aviation industry, a spokesman for Virgin Australia said Tuesday.The loss-making airline has furloughed 80 percent of its 10,000 staff and is running only essential services. A bailout would equate to indirect assistance to Virgin Australia’s foreign shareholders: HNA Group Co., Nanshan Group, Etihad and Singapore Airlines Ltd. It’s an ownership structure almost unheard of among modern-day airlines.last_img read more

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Ligue 1: Remy talks up partnership with Osimhen at Lille

first_img Loading… Prior to their recent combination, Remy and Osimhen once led the Great Danes’ attack in October against Nimes with both players notching a goal each in an encounter that ended in a 2-2 draw. Osimhen is currently Lille’s highest scoring player in the French top-flight with 11 goals in 22 games this campaign and the 33-year-old is full of praise for the deep understanding they have forged together. “When I play upfront with him, I feel the complementarity. He’s physical and quick,” Remy told the Ligue 1 website.“He fights for every ball. I was fast (laughs), less so now. I feel comfortable with him playing as a second forward. With a certain game intelligence, I manage to create space for myself with my movement. Advertisement Read Also: Odion Ighalo undergoing special Man Utd fitness programme“For now, it’s a good partnership. Victor has played more of his games as a lone forward. I spoke about things to the coach, and he told me he had the strike partnership in mind. Against Nimes and Strasbourg, it worked pretty well.”Osimhen and Remy will be aiming to continue their fruitful partnership when fourth-placed Lille visit Angers for a Ligue 1 fixture on Friday night.FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 center_img Lille forward Loic Remy described as his partnership with Victor Osimhen as a good one, and he also hailed the attributes of the Nigerian star. The two attackers led Lille frontline in their last two league games, against Strasbourg and Rennes, with the former Chelsea striker scoring the only that gave the hosts victory at the Stade Pierre-Mauroy on Wednesday. Promoted ContentWho Earns More Than Ronaldo?Fantastic-Looking (and Probably Delicious) Bread Art10 Risky Jobs Some Women DoThe Highest Paid Football Players In The World7 Mind-Boggling Facts About Black HolesBest & Worst Celebrity Endorsed Games Ever Made7 Of The Wealthiest Universities In The World10 Greatest Disney Female Villains We Love AnywaysBirds Enjoy Living In A Gallery Space Created For ThemWho Is The Most Powerful Woman On Earth?8 Ways Drones Will Automate Our FutureThe Highest Paid Football Players In The Worldlast_img read more

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first_imgLast week another young, relatively unknown, pro-golfer put his name on the winner’s list at the Masters Tournament.  The winner was 28-year old Danny Willett of England.  This is his first Major Championship, although on the European Tour, he has been a winner the last few years.  As fate would have it, Willett would not have been at the Masters if his 2-week old son had been born on his due date–which was the final day of the Masters.  He had planned to stay in England if the baby would not have come early.The runner-up was Jordan Speith.  The 22-year old defending champion was very gracious in defeat.  If you follow golf, you know the defending champion places the winning Green jacket on the new champion.  Speith lost his chance to win back-to-back Masters by taking a 7 on a par 4 12th hole.  In a matter of 15 minutes, he went from a 5 stroke lead to a 1 stroke deficit.last_img read more

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Harold W. Wessel, 71

first_imgHarold William Wessel, age 71, passed away on Saturday, May 7, 2016 at St. Vincent Hospital, Indianapolis, Indiana. Born on November 1, 1944, at the Margaret Mary Community Hospital in Batesville, Indiana, he was the son of Alvin H. and Edna Margaret Mary (Krieger) Wessel. In 1962, Harold graduated from New Point High School. He graduated with his Bachelor’s Degree from Purdue University in 1966 and earned his Master’s Degree in Math from IUPUI in 1968. He held a lifetime membership in the Purdue Alumni Association. On December 8, 1973, in Vincennes, Indiana, Harold married Kay Ault, the love of his life, and she survives. They celebrated forty-two years together. Harold taught Math at Belzer Jr. High School, in Lawrence Township, Indianapolis, Indiana for seven years and at Greensburg Jr. High School, Greensburg, Indiana for two years. Following his teaching career, he was employed in corporate accounting at local manufacturing companies, the longest of which was nineteen years at Randall Textron. Harold retired in January 2009, having worked over a total of 40 years combined in the teaching and the corporate accounting fields. In addition to his wife Kay, he is survived by one son and three daughters; Allen (Stacy) Wessel of New Holland, Pennsylvania; Andrea (Vi-En) Choong of Carlsbad, California; Sara Hengel of Carmel, Indiana and Tonya Wessel of Manhattan, Kansas; five grandchildren, AJ and Adelaide Wessel and Cameron, Kailee and Tristan Choong; one nephew, Chuck (Karista) Sheppard. He was preceded in death by his parents; one sister and brother-in-law, Margaret (Bill) Sheppard. Harold was a member of the First Christian Church, Greensburg, where he served as a Deacon and as an Elder at various times. As a youth, he was confirmed in St. John’s United Church of Christ at Huntersville. Upon becoming a member of First Christian Church, he was baptized. His love for Jesus Christ and servant’s heart was reflected in his daily life. Harold was a great loving husband, dad and grandpa. He enjoyed the time he had with his family. He always looked forward to their visits and traveling to visit them. Through the years he was the family enthusiast for making omelets, French toast and grilling out. He loved the change of seasons for Indiana weather, but also being an avid sports fan, for the variety of sports that came with each season. Visitation will be from 4 to 8 p.m. on Friday, May 13, at the Porter-Oliger-Pearson Funeral Home. Visitation will also be held from 10-11 am on Saturday, May 14 at the First Christian Church in Greensburg followed by a celebration of life service at 11am with Pastor Danny Wolford officiating. Interment will follow at Rossburg Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, the family suggest memorial donations be made either to First Christian Church, the National Scoliosis Foundation or the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America. Online condolences can be made at www.popfuneralhome.comlast_img read more

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EPL: Ljunberg leads Gunners to Norwich City

first_imgRelatedPosts Gunners, Reds battle for Community Shield glory Ljungbjerg resigns as Arsenal’s coach Arsenal sign Brazil winger Willian on three-year contract Norwich City vs. Arsenal Venue: Carrow Road Kick off: 1:30PMArsenal take on Norwich City in the Premier League this afternoon with Freddie Ljungberg taking charge of his first game since replacing Unai Emery on an interim basis. After a run of two wins from 11 matches in the Premier League and no victory in seven games in all competitions, there was little surprise when Emery was removed from his position on Friday morning. Letting slip a half-time advantage against Eintracht Frankfurt in the Europa League proved to be decisive, with the Gunners opting to hand the reins to assistant coach Ljungberg on an interim basis. While speculation regarding a potential long-term successor to Emery will continue, the former midfielder now has an opportunity to show what he can do with what remains a talented, well-stocked squad. Ljungberg’s priority is to ensure that Arsenal return to winning ways as soon as possible, with their recent run leaving the club eight points adrift of fourth-placed Chelsea. However, while also wanting to showcase his style of football, the Swede needs to identify a number of reliable leaders in the camp to help the team move forward. Given the multiple changes of captaincy under Emery, that may prove easier said than done, but a united response is vital if Arsenal are going to maintain any hope of qualifying for next season’s Champions League through their Premier League position. With Brighton & Hove Albion and West Ham United to follow, the fixtures are in Ljungberg’s favour, but failing to pick up at least four points from the upcoming triple-header may lead to a further change in the dugout. Much will also depend on the availability of Arsenal’s preferred managerial targets, although Ljungberg must ignore any ‘noise’ surrounding the role and focus on finding solutions to many of the club’s ongoing problems. Meanwhile, the Canaries are attempting to build on last weekend’s 2-0 victory away at Everton, a result which moved the club into 18th position in the standings. Ever since their famous win over Manchester City in September, Norwich have struggled to replicate the same level of performances in games which they would have felt were opportunities to pick up points. However, despite remaining in the relegation zone, Daniel Farke will hope that the win at Goodison Park is a step in the right direction for his team. While Everton had chances throughout the 90 minutes, keeping a shutout was a big plus for the Canaries after conceding 12 goals in their previous five outings. Their failings in defence have come at a time when the goals have dried up for Teemu Pukki, although the Finland striker did play his part in setting up his team’s opener against the Toffees. The performances of the backline and Pukki will almost certainly prove pivotal as the campaign progresses, and Farke will be eager to see that high-quality displays can be produced more than just once every few games. Last week’s success has come at a time when Farke will be relieved to see less of his players spending time in the treatment room, although consistency from whoever has been given time on the pitch has been a problem. Todd Cantwell has been one of a number of players whose level has dropped in recent weeks, although his goal on Merseyside could act as the catalyst for him to regain his influential presence in midfield. The energy which the Englishman provides could be key on Sunday as Norwich look to avoid a fourth successive defeat in front of their own supporters. Norwich City possible XI: Krul, Aarons, Zimmermann, Godfrey, Byram, Stiepermann, McLean, Trybull, Cantwell, Hernandez, Pukki. Arsenal possible XI: Leno, Bellerin, Chambers, Sokratis, Tierney, Torreira, Guendouzi, Pepe, Willock, Aubameyang, Lacazette.Tags: Arsenal FCFreddie Ljungberglast_img read more

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Gunners in profit once more

first_imgArsenal have posted a £4.7million profit and reported increased turnover in their latest financial figures released on Friday. Wages were up by £12million to £166.4million, representing 55.7 per cent of football revenue, with key players such as Theo Walcott, Aaron Ramsey and Jack Wilshere having all signed new, improved contracts. For the first time in several seasons, Arsenal did not sell any star players last season – and indeed went on to sign Chile forward Alexis Sanchez after the World Cup as well as France defender Mathieu Debuchy and England forward Danny Welbeck from Manchester United on transfer deadline day. Profit on sale of player registrations up to May 31 was reduced to £6.9million from £47million in the same period for 2013. With Arsenal’s £390million switch to a new 60,000-seater home at Ashburton Grove in 2006 being funded by a long-term fixed-rate bond repayment, the group reported cash balances up to £173.3million, from £119.6million last year. Chief executive Ivan Gazidis vowed the board would continue to support manager Arsene Wenger in aiming to keep Arsenal challenging for honours. “The club is in excellent shape, both on and off the pitch,” he said. “There is always more to do and, whether investing in the team or in training facilities which will provide long-term benefit to the club, our guiding principles are the same and our focus is clear, on delivering more on-field success. “This remains the shared ambition of our majority shareholder, Stan Kroenke, the board and everyone connected with the club. Press Association “We are well placed to deliver against those ambitions.” Following the 2013 sale of the Queensland Road development, Arsenal went through a low-key year in their property business with revenues of £3.2m and a small operating profit of £400,000. The latest balance sheet showed a total £207.9m cash reserve, inclusive of £34.6m annual debt-service on the stadium repayments, up around £54m from the same period last year. Overall net debt was reported as £32.6m, down from £93.2m. Even though the latest figures do not include the summer transfers of some £60m or the wages associated with those deals, Arsenal clearly remain in a strong financial position going forwards. The next set of results are also expected to show an impact from the new Puma kit deal, worth some £150m over five years. That, though, will not appease some fans, who felt shortcomings on the pitch this season, which culminated in a 2-0 Champions League defeat at Dortmund on Tuesday night, could have been avoided with the purchase of a defensive midfielder and more cover at the back. Gazidis, though, insists Arsenal, whose majority shareholder is American tycoon Stan Kroenke, remain committed to the number-one priority of taking the club forwards on the field. “We continue to drive forwards across every aspect of our activities. We are making significant progress but there is plenty more to be done,” he added in a statement to shareholders. “We are investing in new staff and looking at the very latest techniques in sports science and physical development. “We are also looking to strengthen our global scouting networks to ensure we find the very best young talent in the game. This is important to our long-term success and it is a policy we will continue to pursue vigorously.” Chairman Sir Chips Keswick echoed the board’s determination. He added: “Our ambition is to put Arsenal Football Club at the pinnacle of the game here and in Europe. “We all want to savour a repeat of the joys of last May.” The results, which covered the year ended May 31, 2014, also revealed the club had cash reserves of £173million. The profit was down £2million from the corresponding 2013 results with turnover up to £301.9million from £280.4million, driven by improved broadcasting income, new commercial deals and their FA Cup success. last_img read more

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Victor Moses Heading Back Home

first_imgWith Mauricio Sarri having stated clearly that Victor Moses has no place in his team and Chelsea having placed a £12m price tag on him, the Nigerian may be heading to where he started-Blackburn, writes Kunle AdewaleVictor Moses dream of playing a key role at Chelsea under Italian Manager, Mauricio Sarri, may have hit the rock after the Blues have made it clear to the Nigerian that he has no place in the team and have placed a 12 million pounds tag on him.The Italian Manager has admitted that the Nigerian star has no place in his squad. Sarri insists he does not know where the 27-year-old winger will fit in his current Blues squad. Moses has only made two Premier League appearances and played just six times this season in all competitions under Sarri and hopeful of ending his Chelsea nightmare in January with former club Crystal Palace interested in signing him.Chelsea have told Moses he can leave the club in January as long as they get a £12million fee for their forgotten man. The former title winner has struggled to establish himself in Sarri’s plans and is now on the lookout for an escape route when the transfer window opens in January.Before the start of the season Moses had said he was looking forward to a successful season under Sarri, despite the cloud of uncertainty in securing a starting shirt under the new Chelsea manager.Speaking in an interview with Chelsea FC’s website, Moses insisted he was not looking to leave the club, but embrace the Italian’s methods.“We’re looking forward to it. Obviously, we have a new manager now, he’s got a new philosophy and we’re looking good in training. We just want to work hard together as a team and make sure we understand what he wants from us and do the best we can this season. Chelsea is a big club. It’s a club with a great history, we’ve won loads of big trophies, and we always want to do that. With the players we’ve got and ability that we’ve got, we just want to keep on working hard together to make the club great and keep doing well,” he said.As part of measures to establish himself in Stamford Bridge the 27-year-old quitted international football to concentrate on his club career but the objective seems to be defeated as he is finding regular playing time difficult under Chelsea Sarri.“I feel that now is the right time to step away in order to be able to focus fully on club career,” Moses had said while announcing his retirement from the national team.Under former manager, Antonio Conte, Moses was a key player – fitting in at right wingback in his three-at-the-back system. However, Sarri has switched the formation to 4-3-3 with Eden Hazard and Willian as his first-choice wingers.The former Crystal Palace star has indicated that he was looking to leave in January because of the lack of game-time. And he recently admitted he was thinking of departing the club where he came up through the academy.He said: “Right now, it’s not a good season for me, but I have to find some way to get back on.How? I do not know, but it’s up to me to figure that out. But right now it looks hard. We have good results and we play super football, which only makes it harder.”UK’s Daily Star, however, reported that Moses may end up on loan at Old Trafford with Manchester United in the January transfer window.The newspaper hinted that Moses, Eintracht Frankfurt’s Croatia star Ante Rebic and AS Roma’s Cengiz Under were on the radar of Jose Mourinho as possible players to lift Manchester United’s game from its poor state.Mourinho who was Moses’ coach at Chelsea is believed to be in the hunt for a new striker, as both Romelu Lukaku and Marcus Rashford have not been convincing this season with only five goals between the pair in 24 competitive games. Moses is believed could fit into United’s game with his pacey play.Before Conte’s arrival, Moses had not played a league game for Chelsea for more than three years but he became a key role in the former Juventus Manager’s 3-4-3 system, which was a huge turnaround for a player who, partly because of injury, started only 38 league games in the past three seasons, completing 90 minutes just 12 times.“I played as a wing-back a lot during my career, particularly when I was younger in the mid-to-late 1990s when that system was least popular in the Premier League. I used to enjoy it because, like Moses, it suited my game. Like him, I was more of an attacker than a defender and wing-backs have the freedom to get forward when they want.“You have to be disciplined defensively and decide when to join the attack or hold back, but you have the freedom of the touchline and the ability to impose yourself on the game far more than you can as a normal winger. By timing your runs, you can come from deep with a head of steam and burst into great positions – the sort of thing that Moses was doing when he used his power and pace to great effect,” Conte had said.Moses admitted that he always hoped to play regularly for a big club like the Blues, but struggled to make an impact on the first team at Stamford Bridge until Conte arrived and his 3-4-3 formation has brought the best out of the 27-year-old.“I’ve always wanted to play for this big club, it’s one of the best clubs in the world at the moment and I’m enjoying every single minute. I just want to keep on working hard and helping my teammates out,” he told Chelsea’s official website.”The arrival of another Italian at Chelsea in the summer had to change the narratives and Moses has now fallen behind in the pecking order.With his future hanging in the balance, Moses may have to renege on his decision to quit international football as he would be needing the national team as a launch-pad in his search for a new high profile club in the mold of Chelsea.Moses shocked soccer loving Nigerians in early August as he announced his retirement from international football after playing 37 matches and scoring 12 goals for Nigeria.He made it known on his social media account that he will play no part wearing the green and white colours of Nigeria after he joined the national team in 2012 since switching allegiance from England to Nigeria.“I would like to announce that after much thought I have made the decision to retire from playing international football. I have experienced some of the best moments of my life wearing the Super Eagles shirt and have memories with me that will last a lifetime. Nothing will ever compete to what it felt like to represent Nigeria on behalf of our country.“I feel that now is the right time to step away in order to be able to focus fully on club career,” Moses had said while announcing his retirement from the national team.“However, I feel that now is the right time to step away in order to be able to focus fully on club career and my young family as well as to allow the next generation of Super Eagles stars the opportunity to step up and to flourish,” he said.Though many clubs have been touted to be ready to sign-on Moses, a return to Blackburn-where he started seems most obvious.Share this:FacebookRedditTwitterPrintPinterestEmailWhatsAppSkypeLinkedInTumblrPocketTelegram Victor Moses another loan spell loomslast_img read more

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Trump, coaches push for college football as cracks emerge

first_img First Published: 11th August, 2020 08:35 IST COMMENT LIVE TV WATCH US LIVE Last Updated: 11th August, 2020 08:35 IST Trump, Coaches Push For College Football As Cracks Emerge President Donald Trump joined a U.S. senator and a number of coaches Monday in the push to save the college football season from a pandemic-forced shutdown Associated Press Television News center_img President Donald Trump joined a U.S. senator and a number of coaches Monday in the push to save the college football season from a pandemic-forced shutdown.There was speculation that two of the five most powerful conferences — the Big Ten and the Pac-12 — might call off their seasons. Farther east, Old Dominion canceled fall sports and became the first school in the Bowl Subdivison to break from its league in doing so; the rest of Conference USA was going forward with plans to play.A Big Ten spokesman said no votes had been taken by its presidents and chancellors on fall sports as of Monday afternoon and the powerful Southeastern Conference made clear it was not yet ready to shutter its fall season.“Best advice I’ve received since COVID-19: ‘Be patient. Take time when making decisions. This is all new & you’ll gain better information each day,’” SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey posted on Twitter. ”Can we play? I don’t know. We haven’t stopped trying.”A growing number of athletes have spoken out about saving the season with Clemson star quarterback Trevor Lawrence among the group posting their thoughts on Twitter with the hashtag #WeWantToPla. Trump threw his support behind them Monday.“The student-athletes have been working too hard for their season to be cancelled,” he tweeted.Old Dominion has stopped trying. The Virginia school canceled football and other fall sports less than a week after Conference USA set out a plan to play a football season.”We concluded that the season – including travel and competition – posed too great a risk for our student-athletes,” ODU President Broderick said.Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh took a different stand, saying the Wolverines have shown players can be safe after they return to school.“I’m not advocating for football this fall because of my passion or our players desire to play but because of the facts accumulated over the last eight weeks since our players returned to campus on June 13,” he wrote. “I am advocating on August 10 that this virus can be controlled and handled because of these facts.”Sen. Ben Sasse, a Nebraska Republican, picked up on the safer-with-football theme in a letter to the presidents and chancellors of the Big Ten.“Life is about tradeoffs. There are no guarantees that college football will be completely safe — that’s absolutely true; it’s always true,” he wrote. “But the structure and discipline of football programs is very likely safer than what the lived experience of 18- to 22-year-olds will be if there isn’t a season.”“Here’s the reality: Many of you think that football is safer than no football, but you also know that you will be blamed if there is football, whereas you can duck any blame if you cancel football,” added Sasse, a former college president. “This is a moment for leadership. These young men need a season. Please don’t cancel college football.”Image credits: AP Written By SUBSCRIBE TO US FOLLOW USlast_img read more

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OtherLevels – Sponsor Profile – #bofcon2017

first_img Submit StumbleUpon Genius Sports Media & OtherLevels strike omni-channel marketing partnership January 23, 2020 Share OtherLevels is a sponsor for Betting on Football 2017, the fourth edition of the largest international football and betting trade conference at Chelsea FC’s Stamford Bridge.Ahead of the 3-5 May event, we spoke to OtherLevels’ Katie Corcoran (Digital Marketing Consultant) and Lance Standing (EMEA General Manager) about how OtherLevels can stand out from the competition, engage with its users and leverage digital messaging to drive higher revenues.SBC: Using new technology, how can companies stand out and get ahead of their competition?OtherLevels: The evolution of betting is a testament to how technology can impact a company and catapult them ahead of their competition. Going back a few years, a bet was placed ahead of a match for the outcome, now we have in play betting, cash out functionality, live price boosts, acca insurance, real time in play messaging, the list goes on…There is still plenty of opportunity for innovation and experimentation when it comes to new technology; the question is, who will get there first and how soon will the rest follow?SBC: How can gambling companies better engage with their users?OtherLevels: Good user engagement is all about knowing your customer. It’s as simple as that. If you know what your customer is doing and how they are behaving, you can begin to connect with them in an efficient and relevant way.This insight helps build a picture of your customer base and allows you to identify trends and critical paths. Once you know that, you can layer on a variety of different message types across multiple platforms to ensure you get maximum engagement.Communicating with users from the get-go with a strong onboarding strategy helps form that relationship from the very start and be critical in helping users break the barriers of registration, verification, first deposit and first bet.SBC: How can companies leverage digital messaging to drive higher revenues per user?OtherLevels: Digital technology has fundamentally changed the structure of consumer behaviour over the last decade. The gambling industry was transformed by the introduction of online betting and now, even more so with the tremendous growth in mobile. The result? Customers are multi-platform.From a messaging point of view, while ESP’s paved the way during the early years of digital marketing and provided a powerful way for marketers to engage with their users, communication has since become savvier.A message is no longer a channel specific message. Instead a message should be a set of message parts, each of which may be applicable to one or more channel, depending on the need.High value can be seen from customers who are present across multiple platforms of a business. Interacting across desktop and mobile web and native app has been proven to result in a higher LTV.SBC: What are the opportunities to bring offline and online users into the same betting space?OtherLevels: With the ability to track users via both offline and online channels, companies can bring that data together to form one single customer view. As we know, customers interact with brands in various ways and quite often the link between the channels isn’t made.Location technologies, data collection and behavioural tracking now means that the gap between offline and online users is narrowing, allowing brands to be more savvy with their marketing efforts. This creates exciting opportunities for both the marketers and the customers.SBC: What key agenda, debate or discussion do you want to hear at BOFCON 2017?OtherLevels: As a vendor, it is always most interesting for us to learn about what the various operators are looking for in new technologies. Quite often, there are problems that need solving or interesting developments that are happening, especially in new markets such as the US and LatAm. Golden Race continues LatAm expansion through Universal Soft May 26, 2020 Related Articles Share Codere chooses Solitics’ data management & automation platform March 12, 2020last_img read more

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CAL Bank rescues Ghana Beach Soccer

first_imgThe headline sponsor of the Ghana Beach Soccer Championship league, CAL Bank, has once again come to the rescue of the country’s fastest growing sport. It is expected that the financial institution will announce a top-up for Ghana beach soccer in addition to the existing package for the domestic league which has been running since 2011. Although GHc44,000 is seen as relatively conservative for a bank, the amount for the national team is expected to be considerably higher. Last year, CAL Bank bailed out the national beach soccer team by sponsoring their flight to Morocco for the African Championship in El Jadida. With the Black Sharks now ranked number 10 in African beach soccer and making positive strides, it will not be a surprise to see other players from corporate Ghana investing in the team. Meanwhile, a contingent of 10 players, two coaches a medical officer and three beach soccer officials is expected in Accra Monday from Lagos.  Ghana conceded 18 goals at Copa Lagos which is three less than in Morocco. The team scored 11 which is four more than their last international outing.last_img read more

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