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Hull bakery fined over finger injury

first_imgLivwell Limited has been fined for safety breaches after a worker lost the top of his finger trying to clear a dough blockage from a poorly guarded machine.The incident happened, at Livwell’s bakery in Main Street, Hull, when the agency worker’s finger came into contact with a moving part of the dough moulding machine.The machine sliced off the top of his right middle finger and he later had to have the part between the tip and first joint amputated. He was unable to work for three months, but has now returned to full-time employment at the bakery.The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) investigated the incident on 24 May 2011 and prosecuted the company at Hull Magistrates yesterday (8 July) for failing to prevent access by workers to dangerous moving parts of machinery.Livwell Ltd was fined £9,000 and ordered to pay £18,318 in costs after pleading guilty to a breach of the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998.Doctor Nicholas Tosney, HSE inspector, said: “This incident was wholly avoidable. The hazards were identified, but effective measures were not taken by the company to prevent access to all the dangerous parts of the machine.“The simple addition of a tunnel guard to this machine – which the company has now installed – could have saved a young man having to suffer the amputation of part of his finger.”last_img read more

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Officials Confirm Prince’s Cause Of Death As An Opioid Overdose

first_imgOn April 21st, beloved R&B sensation Prince lost his life at the age of 57. While there has been much speculation about a drug overdose in the days since his death, fans have been holding out for an official analysis from an autopsy report.Today, that news came in the form of an official report to the Associated Press, where a law enforcement official working the case has confirmed the cause of death was indeed an opioid overdose. As of now, it remains unclear what the opioids were treating, as two doctors have been investigated in connection with Prince’s death.One was Dr. Michael Todd Schulenberg, who treated Prince twice in the weeks before his death. He prescribed medications for the singer, but the names of those medications remain undisclosed. The second was Dr. Howard Kornfield, an addiction specialist who was brought in on April 20th to help Prince. Unfortunately, despite trying to ease the symptoms of withdrawals, the opioid overdose proved fatal to the Purple One.Regardless of how he died, Prince will always be remembered for his true devotion to crafting and performing music. RIP Prince.last_img read more

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Cory Henry, MonoNeon, Scott Metzger, Nikki Glaspie, Skerik Get Funky On Stevie Wonder Cover At Brooklyn Comes Alive [Pro-Shot Video]

first_imgOn September 28th, 2018, Brooklyn Comes Alive returned to three fan-favorite venues in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood for a marathon day of music jam-packed with one-time-only collaborations from more than 50 of the most talented artists on the road today.One of the day’s most exciting mix-and-match sets was the debut of a super-funky quintet comprised of Cory Henry (Snarky Puppy, Cory Henry & The Funk Apostles), Nikki Glaspie (The Nth Power), Scott Metzger (Joe Russo’s Almost Dead, Wolf!), MonoNeon (Prince, Ghost-Note), and Skerik at Brooklyn Bowl.Though this crew had never before played together, the collective talent of these musicians jumped off the lineup page from the moment it was announced, making it an early favorite to be one of the day’s best sets. Unsurprisingly, the performance did not disappoint, as Cory Henry, Nikki Glaspie, Scott Metzger, MonoNeon, and Skerik delivered a jaw-dropping display of musicianship for the gathered crowd.Take, for example, their expertly extended rendition of Stevie Wonder classic “Living For The City”. The 15-minute jam saw each of the band’s skilled members take a chance to shine on their respective instruments, with Henry charismatically filling Stevie’s bandleader/vocalist role from behind his keyboard rig. Listening to this group put a new spin on this beloved classic, you’d think they’d been playing it together for years. It makes the fact that several of them met just minutes before the set all the more mind-blowing.Thankfully, we have professionally shot, multi-cam footage of the song, so we can relive it over and over again. Check it out below:Cory Henry, Nikki Glaspie, Scott Metzger, MonoNeon, Skerik – “Living For The City” [Stevie Wonder cover, Pro-Shot][Video: Live For Live Music]Stay tuned for more pro-shot videos and premium content from Brooklyn Comes Alive 2018 coming soon. Until then, try this on for size:Related: Watch MonoNeon, Sput, Lyle Divinsky, & More Pay Tribute To Prince At Brooklyn Comes Alive [Pro-Shot Video]last_img read more

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Mosquito-borne Disease Threat Increasing on Long Island, Officials Warn

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York An alarming increase in Asian Tiger mosquitoes has officials concerned about the spread diseases such as dengue fever, which was reported on Long Island last fall—a first in New York State.Lawmakers and health experts urged the public to use common-sense measures to prevent mosquitoes from breeding in their yards and biting them now that the bloodsucking insects have returned with the warm weather.“We need all levels of government to work together to make sure that Long Islanders know how to protect themselves, and this does not turn into a serious public health issue,” U.S. Rep. Steve Israel (D-Huntington) told reporters Monday during a news conference in Port Washington.He called on the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to help local health departments combat a 220-percent spike in Asian Tiger mosquitoes—one of about 70 species statewide—found in samples collected in Nassau and Suffolk counties from 2010 to 2012. Asian tiger mosquitoes are the main way the dengue virus is spread.Mosquito warnings are usually focused on preventing West Nile virus, with nearly 500 cases having been reported in the state since 2000—37 of them proving fatal. But, Suffolk County reported in November the first-ever case of dengue fever, which is rare in the United States and causes about 25,000 deaths annually worldwide, according to the CDC.“In the face of a new strain of mosquito, we need all the federal resources we can get,” said Dr. Lawrence Eisenstein, the Nassau County Department of Health commissioner.Nassau has not seen any West Nile mosquitoes so far this season, but Suffolk reported one case in a bird in Selden earlier this month. Thirteen people on LI—eight in Nassau, five in Suffolk—contracted the disease last year, but the last fatality here was two year ago. There were 33 cases statewide last year, none of them fatal.Officials reminded the public minimize outdoor activities or wear pants and long sleeves between dusk and dawn when mosquitoes are most active, use mosquito repellent, ensure window screens are secure and eliminate standing water near their homes.For more information, or to report dead birds that may be infected, call the Suffolk County West Nile hotline at 631-787-2200 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. Nassau County residents concerned about West Nile Virus activity can call the Health Department Mosquito Surveillance desk at 516-572-1211 from 8 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. Monday through Friday.last_img read more

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Seven DOs and DON’Ts of marketing

first_img 24SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr In a post earlier this year, I talked about “The Three Fs of Strategic Planning.” In that piece, I offered three ideas you should keep an eye on when doing strategic planning.It’s the same way with marketing. There are several things you should DO and there are many things you should make sure you DON’T do.So what are some of the Do’s and Don’ts of marketing? Below are four Do’s and three Don’ts of marketing.Be sure you DO the following:Cut the copy—It doesn’t matter what piece you are producing, just say it in fewer words. The attention spans of consumers today are less than goldfish. One trend identified recently is the concept of glanceable content. People are consumer more information than ever before, just in smaller bites. In other words, they are “glancing” at it. You can learn more about cutting the copy in this post. To increase your marketing’s effectiveness, reduce how much you are saying. continue reading »last_img read more

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Inside Marketing: Don’t forget your members are human!

first_img continue reading » Picture this: You pull in for your morning coffee fix only to find the friendly barista has been replaced by a robot! Think Rosie from the Jetsons. The robot doesn’t care that you’re a loyal customer of five years, that you are lactose intolerant and that you take an extra shot for medicinal purposes, especially on Mondays! Nope. Rosie does two things and that’s it: makes coffee and takes money.Where is the morning smile, where is the morning chat and where is that little bit of human interaction that along with a kick of caffeine sets you up for the day? It’s not nice. Right? Yet more and more companies are evolving this way and no more so than the financial services industry.Due to advances in technology, marketing and businesses are becoming mere representations of data and revenue—the numbers. These numbers are important. However, the credit union industry has always recognized that our members are not numbers. And they certainly are not robots! Credit unions and their members should hold dearly their human relationship. In marketing, we have B2B and B2C; for credit union marketing, let’s coin a new term: H2H—human to human. 18SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

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We must ‘acknowledge the voice of the people’ and ‘transition in grace’

first_img– Advertisement – If you haven’t heard, Donald Trump and the GOP he represents are attempting to steal the election won by President-elect Joe Biden. Republicans like Sens. Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, and Rick Scott, terrified of losing Trump’s base, have been calling our democracy into question. Sadly, this is just another example of the cowardice shown by Republican leadership in the last four years.But not every Republican official is anti-democracy. Mike Boyce, the chairman of Cobb County, Georgia, lost his bid for reelection on Election Day. Boyce is a Republican and lost to his Democratic challenger, Lisa Cupid. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Boyce congratulated Chair-elect Cupid on her victory, telling the news outlet: “I think it’s also important, that as part of this process, that we have a transition in grace, that we acknowledge the voice of the people, we hear them and we move on. I hope that this message gets loud and clear to our national and our state leaders, that this transition in grace is part of the election process.”- Advertisement –last_img read more

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Ecology and sustainability as a trend that is becoming imperative

first_imgHowever, it is not only about the way of traveling, but also about ecologically aware destinations and accommodation, etc.… Awareness of ecology is growing strongly in our main emitting destination – Germany, which is strongly turning to stimulating the green economy and electric cars. In the coming period, many cities in Germany will ban the driving of diesel cars, and Germany has recently adopted strategic goals in the field of climate protection, worth 40 billion euros by 2030. And that’s just the beginning, because as much as someone thought it was a big expense, how much would it still cost if we didn’t do anything now. We are already feeling the effects of climate change on our skin and it is affecting tourism more than we are aware of. RELATED NEWS: Following a great example of how to tell a story in tourism and promotions in tourism by French National Railways (SNCF), we bring another example of the same company how to send a strong message in a different and efficient way and get attention in the forest of the same and classic campaigns. More and more tourism companies will want to position themselves, and thus promote sustainability and ecology as a comparative advantage and how they are in line with trends. Although, this is no longer just a trend, but a need and demand of a society that is waking up. But this is a long and complex topic, which we will deal with more throughout 2020. The main message of this story is the awareness of ecology and sustainable development, which is becoming more and more pronounced as a motive for travel and an imperative for the development of tourist destinations. Let’s go back to a great promotional video, as a motive for writing this article as a great promotion and storytelling. In the context of ecology and sustainability, they sent a strong message from SNCF. Simple, powerful and clear. Watch the video. The movement of the young Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg raised a lot of media dust, and we even got the “Greta effect” which spread primarily to Scandinavian countries, but also to large parts of Europe, encouraging passengers to use environmentally conscious train travel. HOW TO SELL A STORY AND ENCOURAGE TRAIN TRAVEL? THE FRENCH NATIONAL RAILWAY KNOWS THE RIGHT FORMULAlast_img read more

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Putin says Russia dealing better with virus than US

first_imgTopics : Regions are gradually lifting lockdown restrictions and Moscow has reopened non-essential shops and hairdressers.The United States has the world’s largest number of cases by far at 2.07 million.Putin told state television the coronavirus pandemic had exposed “deep-seated internal crises” in the US.He criticized a lack of strong leadership on the virus situation, saying that “the [US] president says we need to do such-and-such but the governors somewhere tell him where to go.” Inequality a ‘long-standing’ US problemPutin also criticized anti-racism protests in the United States for sparking crowd violence, in his first comments on the issue.”If this fight for natural rights, legal rights, turns into mayhem and rioting, I see nothing good for the country,” the Russian leader said in his televised broadcast.He stressed he supported black Americans’ struggle for equality, calling this “a longstanding problem of the United States”.”We always in the USSR and in modern Russia had a lot of sympathy for the struggle of African-Americans for their natural rights,” he insisted.But Putin added that “when — even after crimes are committed — this takes on elements of radical nationalism and extremism, nothing good will come of this.” Putin also described the protests as a sign of “deep-seated internal crises” in the United States, linking the unrest to the coronavirus pandemic, which he said “has shone a spotlight on general problems”.He said he nevertheless expected that the “fundamental basis of American democracy will allow the country to escape this series of crisis events”.The interview was billed as Putin’s first since the start of the pandemic, but it is not clear when it was recorded.  President Vladimir Putin said in a televised interview Sunday that Russia had been more successful in dealing with the coronavirus than the United States.He contrasted the situations in the two countries, saying in Russia, “We are exiting the coronavirus situation steadily with minimal losses, God willing, in the States it isn’t happening that way.”Russia on Sunday confirmed 8,835 new virus cases, taking the total to 528,964, the third highest in the world. center_img Questions over under-reporting deaths In Russia, however, he argued, the government and regional leaders work “as one team” and do not differ from the official line.”I doubt anyone in the government or the regions would say ‘we’re not going to do what the government says, what the president says, we think it’s wrong,'” Putin said of the virus strategy.When the northern Caucasus region of Dagestan suffered particularly hard from the virus, “the whole country rallied to help”, he said.Russia has so far reported 6,948 COVID-19 fatalities, a fraction of the US total of 115,436 deaths, although critics have suggested that the remarkably low number could be down to under-reporting.Russia has now begun giving fuller information on deaths, including cases where coronavirus appeared to be the cause but was not detected by tests, as well as cases where the virus was confirmed but not considered the main cause of death.Using this new method, Russia on Saturday published official figures for virus deaths in April of 2,712, more than twice the figure of 1,152 previously reported by the task force. This represents a death rate of 2.6 percent among those infected, while officials said the death rate for May and early June would be higher. “I think the problem is that group interests, party interests are put higher than the interests of the whole of society and the interests of the people,” he said.last_img read more

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Jose Mourinho responds to Mikel Arteta’s praise and reveals his nickname for the Arsenal boss

first_img Metro Sport ReporterFriday 10 Jul 2020 5:35 pmShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link156Shares The Spurs manager takes on Arsenal in the north London derby on Sunday (Picture: Spurs TV)Tottenham boss Jose Mourinho has responded in kind to Mikel Arteta’s glowing praise ahead of the north London derby and revealed he has known the Arsenal coach since he was a schoolboy at Barcelona.The two managers go head-to-head as rivals on Sunday but their relationship dates back decades to when Mourinho was a coach at Barca under Louis van Gaal and Arteta was playing in the club’s famed La Masia academy.Mourinho says he will always have a fondness for Arteta as a result – and has only recently started calling him “Mister” after his move into coaching. Arteta had plenty of praise for Mourinho before they face off on Sunday (Picture: Getty)The respect is clearly mutual, with Arteta having described Mourinho as ‘world-class’ and backing him to win titles again, and the Spurs boss was grateful for those comments, saying his counterpart has a difficult job to turn Arsenal around in the short-term while also building for the future.AdvertisementAdvertisementADVERTISEMENTAsked about Arteta’s comments, Mourinho said at his pre-match press conference: ‘Look I met Mikel when Mikel was a kid in Barcelona. I was there with Mr Van Gaal, Mikel was a kid. Really, really a kid.‘So I know him from there and when you know these kids at this age, time flies but in the end you always look at them as the kid that you have a great feeling for. When he became Pep’s assistant, in a funny way I started calling him, every time we met, “Mister”, not Mikel anymore. “Mister”. So we had always a laugh on this.More: Arsenal FCArsenal flop Denis Suarez delivers verdict on Thomas Partey and Lucas Torreira movesThomas Partey debut? Ian Wright picks his Arsenal starting XI vs Manchester CityArsene Wenger explains why Mikel Arteta is ‘lucky’ to be managing Arsenal‘And of course I like him very, very much. I hope everything goes well for him in his career, but I have to admit in this moment he is at a rival club, a club that fights in this moment for the same things we fight – which is a European position. And I cannot wish him good in this situation.‘The nature of his job is quite similar to mine, is quite similar to Carlo [Ancelotti], which is that you arrive in the middle of the season and then it’s a double focus, which is not easy, which is by one side you want to try and get the best results immediately, but by another side you have an eye on the future. Jose Mourinho responds to Mikel Arteta’s praise and reveals his nickname for the Arsenal boss Advertisementcenter_img Mourinho’s Spurs have been far from impressive since the restart (Picture: Getty)‘What you want is to build your own team. What you want is to start the new season. So for me, for Carlo, for Mikel, it’s this kind of job. When you are in a relegation fight, I would say for example Neil Warnock going there, he knows that he needs a certain number of points to keep his club in the division. He knows exactly what he has to do to do that.‘In our cases I think it’s different, because we are speaking about very important clubs, clubs that want to do better in the future, and this is half now, and half in the future.‘So I think we all are desperate to have end of season, holiday, preparation, pre-season and then the new season. But the reality is that we have to fight for points and in this case points mean a Europa competition position and points means also a special rival feeling between Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur.’AdvertisementAdvertisementMORE: Jose Mourinho says Michael Oliver was Bournemouth’s Man of the Match vs Tottenham and slams penalty non-callMORE: Jose Mourinho flounces out of press conference as Roy Keane fires dig at SpursFollow Metro Sport across our social channels, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.For more stories like this, check our sport page. Advertisement Commentlast_img read more

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Reformed Irish SWF could still be used to pre-fund pension liabilities

first_imgUsing the Ireland Strategic Investment Fund’s (ISIF) assets to pre-fund the country’s pension liabilities should not be ruled out, the head of the Irish debt management office has said.John Corrigan, outgoing chief executive at the National Treasury Management Agency (NTMA), said pension provision remained on the government agenda, despite last year’s decision to transform the National Pensions Reserve Fund (NPRF) into the ISIF, severing its ties with the pre-funding of state pension liabilities.Speaking with IPE at the fringes of the Mandarine Gestion investment conference in Munich, Corrigan said he was hopeful the ISIF would become an “evergreen fund”, echoing government views that it could act as a perpetual investment vehicle to boost the economy.The government nonetheless retains the ability to use the ISIF for a future banking bailout, with the NTMA (Amendment) Act 2014 giving the minister for Finance the ability to invest assets in “specified securities of a credit institution”. Corrigan also said the government had yet to decide whether the assets within the NPRF’s €13bn directed portfolio – used to support Allied Irish Banks and Bank of Ireland during the financial crisis – would eventually be included in the ISIF, which is set to be funded with the €7bn directed portfolio.However, he warned against seeing the repurposing of NPRF assets to fund the ISIF as the government neglecting pensions issues.“I do think the whole question of pension provision remains on the government’s agenda because we have a huge pension fund sector in Ireland that, it’s fair to say, is not in the best shape,” he said.“That will have to be addressed, and so I would not discount the possibility this fund might one day revert to its original role as a pensions reserve or buffer fund.”The current government has pledged to publish details of reforms to increase the coverage of second-pillar pension savings by the end of 2015.The success of any such reform has been questioned by the Irish Association of Pension Funds, which said recent policies – including the use of NPRF assets to fund the bailout – would leave savers questioning how safe their pensions were.Corrigan also spoke about the challenge of measuring the economic impact, and not just financial performance, of the ISIF’s investments and said the incoming investment committee would be discussing the matter.“We do have a wish-list of sectors to focus on we feel will have the greatest multiplier effect – but that is really about narrowing down the universe, and our real job is to bring our commercial acumen to bear in making investments that generate good returns regardless of the sector,” he said.He added that co-investing with other institutions or acting as a cornerstone investor would lend “peer group validation of the commercial viability of any investment”, as well as help the fund to leverage assets to “get the best bang for our buck”.Ahead of the ISIF’s official launch, expected next month, the NPRF has been making a number of commitments, including to a suite of funds lending to small and medium-sized enterprises and a joint venture with the China Investment Corporation. As of the end of June, it had committed €1.2bn of its €7bn portfolio to upcoming projects.last_img read more

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Swiss scheme tenders unlisted real estate mandate using IPE Quest

first_imgAn undisclosed pension fund based in Switzerland has tendered a $100m (€94.5m) developed-market, unlisted real estate mandate using IPE Quest.According to search QN-2139, the main part of the strategy should be core, with a satellite in non-core.Leverage should be set at 20% on average – and reach no more than 33% – for the core part of the mandate.Geographical allocation should be approximately 40% US and Canada, 40% Europe excluding Switzerland and 20% Asia Pacific. The mandate calls for mixed sector allocation, no blind pools and more open-ended structures than closed-end ones.The client said it would also prefer a segregated fund, but added that it would accept a pooled fund if it could be turned into a segregated fund in future.Interested parties should state performance, gross of fees, to the end of September.The deadline for applications is 11 December.The IPE news team is unable to answer any further questions about IPE Quest tender notices to protect the interests of clients conducting the search. To obtain information directly from IPE Quest, please contact Jayna Vishram on +44 (0) 20 3465 9330 or email [email protected]last_img read more

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Sirius seeks extension to Ororo field license amid drilling plan delays

first_imgSirius Petroleum is seeking a further extension from Nigerian authorities to the term of its Ororo field license off Nigeria amid delays with its drilling program on the field.Following a previous report from late February when the Shelf Drilling-owned Adriatic-1 jack-up drilling rig approached total well depth at a license adjacent to Ororo, Sirius said on Friday that the rig has now reached target depth on its current operation and is concluding the testing and logging program.The company is awaiting a further update from Shelf Drilling regarding the release of the Adriatic-1, which is currently stationed in the adjacent license to the Ororo field.In order to preserve its current license, the company is required to bring the Ororo field into production on or before May 1, 2019. Therefore, given the approaching timeline, the company has taken the decision to seek a further extension to the term of the license from the Department of Petroleum Resources in Nigeria, which has already been granted on two previous occasions.To remind, Sirius broke off its previous commitment to use the COSL-owned jack-up rig COSL Force to drill two Ororo wells in favor of Shelf Drilling’s Adriatic-1 rig back in October 2018. This was decided due to maintenance of the COSL Force, which lasted longer than expected causing the delay for Ororo well.Due to its proximity to the Ororo field, Sirius then contracted the Adriatic-1 jack-up, which was scheduled to become available during November 2018. Sirius also felt that the Adriatic-1 met the specifications required for the company’s proposed drilling program at Ororo-2 and Ororo-3.After securing the Shelf rig for the Ororo drilling campaign, Sirius said it would spud Ororo-2 at the earliest possible time during 4Q 2018. However, at the end of December 2018 the Adriatic-1 was still stationed in the adjacent oil block to the Ororo field (OML 95) and working on its contract with another operator, which meant another delay for the Ororo well.Sirius then in February 2019 said that, in the event of delays, it would ask for the extension of the Ororo license term.Offshore Energy Today StaffSpotted a typo? Have something more to add to the story? Maybe a nice photo? Contact our editorial team via email. Offshore Energy Today, established in 2010, is read by over 10,000 industry professionals daily. We had nearly 9 million page views in 2018, with 2.4 million new users. This makes us one of the world’s most attractive online platforms in the space of offshore oil and gas and allows our partners to get maximum exposure for their online campaigns. If you’re interested in showcasing your company, product or technology on Offshore Energy Today contact our marketing manager Mirza Duran for advertising options.last_img read more

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Morocco arrests 57 in exam cheating scam

first_imgMorocco arrests suspected Islamic State members 57 arrested over exam cheating scam in MoroccoFifty-seven people were arrested across Morocco for their alleged involvement in a high school exam cheating scam, a media report said on Sunday.The suspects were accused of leaking baccalaureate exams questions, posting them online and sending answers to students sitting for the exam on their mobile phones in return for money, Xinhua news agency reported.Those detained were accused of providing “written answers to students in exchange for money,” the General Directorate of National Security (GDNS) said.The investigation “found numerous web pages and social media sites used for leaking test answers.”The scandal erupted after answers for a mathematics test at the Academy of Casablanca, in Morocco’s financial capital, were leaked online, forcing the education ministry to order a resit of the exam.Opposition groups have called for the minister’s resignation.More than half a million students took their baccalaureate exams last week in Morocco, the results of which will be announced on June 24.Related Morocco arrests ISIS recruiterscenter_img Morocco arrests 7 suspected IS supporterslast_img read more

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Benfica players’ houses vandalised after bus attack

first_imgRelatedPosts UCL: Benfica kicked out by player who left club one week earlier + other results Champions League: PSG challenge Bayern crown, road to final, possible line up Mourinho rejects Benfica job  The houses of several Benfica players were vandalised hours after the Portuguese champions’ bus was attacked following Thursday’s goalless draw with Tondela, a local newspaper, Tribuna Expresso, reported on Friday.The report said the vandals had spray-painted threats against the players on the houses, adding that one of the homes targeted belonged to star midfielder and Portugal international Pizzi. Benfica did not immediately respond to a request for comment.The team bus was attacked by people throwing stones from a motorway as it was returning from the Estadio da Luz to the club’s training ground.German midfielder Julian Weigl and Serbian winger Andrija Zivkovic were taken to hospital as a precaution after being hit by broken glass.The match was Benfica’s first since the season resumed after being disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic.Although they could only draw against lowly Tondela, they returned to the top of the table on goal difference, but failed to open up a gap on title rivals Porto. Fans were unable to enter the stadium to prevent further spread of the virus, although supporters still greeted the team’s arrival before the match.The Portuguese league’s organising body condemned the attack, which has marred what should have been a triumphant return of the season.“Liga Portugal strongly condemns the cowardly attack on the Benfica squad,” the league said in a statement.“The stoning of the team’s bus is deeply regrettable, especially at a time when Portuguese football has joined forces to resume an activity that means so much to millions of people in our country.”Reuters/NAN. Tags: Andrija ZivkovicEstadio da LuzJulian WeiglSL BenficaTribuna Expressolast_img read more

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US Disney theme parks to go vegan

first_imgVeganism is becoming mainstream in American!Tuesday, the famous theme park Disney announced that plant-based food options would be added to every dining location in their US theme parks.The Florida location will be kicking things off with more than 400 vegan dishes to be available at quick-service and table-service restaurants in Orlando by early October.California’s Disneyland will follow making vegan dishes available in Spring 2020.Beyond park walls, there are a reported 602 places to eat at the Walt Disney World in Orlando and Disneyland Resort in California, near a theme park land or hotel.There are also plant-based food options at the international parks, including the Paris, Hong Kong, and Shanghai Disney Resort locations, according to reports.Click here to learn more.last_img read more

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